Engine is suitable for industrial tasks.

Press Release Summary:

Vortec 1600 1.6-liter, single overhead cam, inline 4-cylinder engine includes 79 mm bore by 81.5 mm stroke, 9.4:1 compression ratio, and cast aluminum cylinder head with valve seat inserts. Iron block is used for strength and durability. Vortec 1600 also features distributorless ignition system and 1598 cc displacement. Vortec 1600 is adaptable for use with gasoline, liquid propane (LP) or compressed natural gas (CNG).

Original Press Release:

GM To Offer 1.6-Liter Industrial Engine

Small Displacement Extends GM's Industrial Portfolio

PONTIAC, Mich. - General Motors announced the availability of a 1.6-liter single overhead cam inline 4-cylinder engine to the industrial market beginning immediately. This engine, called Vortec 1600, widens GM's industrial engine range from 1.6-liter to 8.1-liter. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the industrial marketplace, which GM is committed to serving, have expressed interest in the 1.6-liter.

"With the addition of the Vortec 1600, GM has a broadened portfolio to satisfy the smaller displacement industrial market with great value and a trusted design," said Rick Dunagan, executive director of OEM sales for GM Powertrain.

Design features of the Vortec 1600 include a 79 millimeter bore by 81.5 millimeter stroke, 9.4:1 compression ratio and cast aluminum cylinder head with valve seat inserts. An iron block is used for strength and durability. The Vortec 1600 also features a distributorless ignition system which reduces maintenance and increases reliability. The entire
engine will be backed by the GM Service Parts organization.

Originally designed by Opel, the engine is assembled at the Sao Jose dos Campos engine plant in Brazil. Current automotive applications include the Chevrolet Corsa sold in South America and the Opel Corsa sold in Southeast Asia. The engine has a long history of refinements and has proven to be a value leader for General Motors.

Home Power Generation

Residential standby power is one application anticipated for the Vortec 1600. Many homeowners are now purchasing standby power generators for which the Vortec 1600 is well suited. The 1598 cubic centimeter displacement conserves fuel compared to some larger displacement engines but still provides adequate power for most residential needs.

Choose Your Fuel

The Vortec 1600, sold to OEMs without an intake manifold or fuel system, allows OEMs to customize their own fuel/intake system to sell to their customers. The Vortec 1600 will be adaptable for use with gasoline, liquid propane (LP) or compressed natural gas (CNG). Each fuel type has different applications. Gasoline is good for higher output mobile equipment. Liquid propane versions will be preferred by indoor material handling vehicles. CNG is a favorite of gen set manufacturers. An OEM calibrated engine control module is available for each specific need.

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