Engine-Driven Welder suits pipeline, general construction use.

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Built to withstand jobsite conditions, SAE-300® MP Pure DC Generator Welder employs 24.7 hp, water-cooled, turbo-charged engine and produces 300 A DC/32 V at 60% duty cycle and 250 A DC/30 V at 100% duty cycle. Unit also provides 3,000 W of AC generator power and dual continuous current control. All-copper windings and flat DC output ensure smooth, stable arc. Other features include Temperature Stabilization™, CV output contactor, OCV Boost function, block heater, and 16 gal fuel tank.

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Lincoln Electric Introduces the SAE-300 MP Engine-Driven Welder

Pure DC generator power source delivers stability, control and endurance required for pipeline and general construction applications

Cleveland – Field applications, such as pipeline construction or general construction require reliable, rugged equipment that stands up to rough conditions on the job site. The recently launched SAE-300® MP Pure DC Generator Welder, the latest engine-driven welder from Lincoln Electric®, responds to these challenges, delivering consistent power and maximum control no matter how hot or cold, how long the pipeline or how tough the job.

This new engine-driven welder features Temperature Stabilization™, which enables operators to “set it and forget it,” eliminating any need for adjustments based on ambient conditions or a warm-up period.

Its standard, built-in CV output contactor supports all wire-welding processes and eliminates the need for a separate wire feeder module and the downtime associated with installing it. An OCV Boost function can be used to aid starting and low-amperage welding, while a standard, on-board block heater pre-heats the engine for use in cold environments.

The SAE-300 MP features a 24.7 HP Perkins® water-cooled, turbo-charged engine. The machine produces 300 amps DC/32 volts at 60 percent duty cycle and 250 amps DC/30 volts at 100 percent duty cycle. It also provides 3,000 watts of AC generator power. All-copper windings and flat DC output ensure a smooth, stable arc that enhances arc control to help operators keep defects to a minimum, avoiding cutouts and costly repairs.

With the SAE-300 MP’s dual, continuous current control, operators can use the coarse control to set a digging penetrating arc for root beads or a softer arc for stacking iron on the fill and cap passes. Remote control allows operators to dial in the fine control to adjust heat input or arc sensitivity in response to the weld puddle’s fit-up and orientation.

The SAE-300 MP’s larger fuel tank keeps refueling at a minimum. The 16-gallon tank is almost 50 percent larger than the competitor’s 11-gallon one, translating into longer run times, improved efficiency and greater cost savings.

For more information, view brochure E6.163 on www.lincolnelectric.com.

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