Energy Equipment Fulfills Custom Used Boiler Request with a Certified Reconditioned Boiler

Energy Equipment Co., Inc.'s boilers are installed in many countries all over the world and used in a variety of industries from food processing to tire manufacturing. We understand the importance of delivering a reliable product, so once we get an order for a boiler, we perform a complete inspection to the boiler pressure vessel, tubes, and tube sheets to first insure that it is in good condition. The entire boiler is cleaned on the fireside, waterside, and outside. The refractory, trim piping, blowdown piping, and fuel trains are inspected. Anything found defective is repaired or replaced. The pressure vessel, trim and blowdown piping, and blowdown valves are then hydrostatically tested and a certificate that the boiler passed the hydrostatic test accompanies the boiler. The electrical and control panels, wiring, flame safeguard controls, and pressure controls are inspected, and, if found defective or obsolete are upgraded to state of the art equipment. Before loading each boiler for shipment a final mechanical and electrical check, and a simulated test fire is performed to insure that all systems are functioning properly. 

Recently, J.M. Clayton Co., a Maryland crab processing company that packages and ships approximately 30,000 pounds of crabs and crabmeat each day during peak season, contacted us looking for a reliable, reconditioned boiler. We met their requirement, supplied them with a reconditioned boiler, delivered on time and on budget. They are very pleased with our commitment and the equipment we delivered.

Energy Equipment Co., Inc., founded in 1981, specializes in the sale of new and used packaged boilers, burners, deaerators, feedwater systems, economizers, water softeners, condensate return systems, and blowdown separators manufactured by Cleaver Brooks, Johnston, Hurst, Superior, Burnham, Fulton, York Shipley, Kewanee, B&W, Combustion Engineering, Nebraska, Keeler, and Zurn, ranging in size from 5 HP to 150,000 lb/hr, with design pressures from 15 PSI to 750 PSI for saturated or superheated steam, with burners designed for natural gas, propane, low btu gas, waste gas, digester gas, landfill gas, methane, and No. 2 through 6 fuel oil.

Our customers include architects and engineers, contractors, and end users. We work on all facets of projects requiring new boilers, used boilers, rental or mobile boilers, from the budgeting phase to final commissioning of the equipment. We offer complete installation and turn-key service or site supervision for the contractor of your choice.

Contact Energy Equipment Co., Inc. at or call 864-573-1004 to discuss your boiler requirement. We think you'll be pleased too.

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