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Enea and MontaVista Software Join Forces to Offer Industry's Most Comprehensive Distributed Telecom Platform

Telecom-in-a-box solution combines Linux and RTOS with HA Middleware, fault-tolerant database, and eclipse-based tools

San Jose, CA. Embedded Systems Conference, April 3, 2006 - Enea, the world leader in advanced device software, and MontaVista Software, the leading Linux supplier to the communications industry, today announced that they have joined forces to create the industry's most comprehensive, highly integrated software platform for distributed telecom applications. The new high-availability, fault tolerant platform, known as the Network Application Services Platform (NASP), provides a telecom-in-a-box solution for developing, deploying and managing distributed telecom applications spanning multiple operating systems, CPUs, DSPs, interconnects, and shelf architectures.

The NASP combines MontaVista's Linux operating system products (Carrier Grade Edition or Professional Edition) with Enea's high-availability Element middleware, Polyhedra fault-tolerant database, and Eclipse-based development tools. The NASP is also available with Enea's OSE and OSEck RTOSes for distributed telecom infrastructure environments that require a heterogeneous OS solution. The NASP utilizes Enea's recently announced LINX open source interprocess communications (IPC) services to facilitate transparent, high-performance communications between NASP components and applications across multiple OS and CPU/DSP boundaries.

"As network equipment providers turn to outsourcing to cut costs and reduce time to market, product line breadth and integration level are becoming increasingly critical," said Johan Wall, president and CEO at Enea. "By working closely with MontaVista, and leveraging our new LINX IPC, we have been able to create an out-of-the-box Linux-based platform with enhanced real-time control, signal processing, middleware and database capabilities that greatly simplifies the development, deployment, management, servicing, and upgrading of large-scale, high-availability, distributed telecom systems."

"MontaVista Software is pleased to partner with ENEA to offer the industry's most complete integrated telecom solution," said Jim Ready, CEO of MontaVista Software. "We think NEPs who are looking to deploy complex distributed systems in a timely, cost effective fashion will find this platform very compelling."

The NASP provides a versatile platform for deploying a broad range of high-availability applications, from supervisory control and enterprise management software, to DSP-based media processing applications. The NASP supports a variety of OS configurations, from standalone Linux, to hybrid configurations utilizing Linux, OSE and OSEck. The three OSes can be deployed in any topology across multiple shelves and blades, and even on the same multi-core device.

Built atop this versatile OS platform is Element, Enea's high-availability middleware and application development framework. Element's LINX-based communications services make it easy to develop complex distributed applications and partition them across multiple processors and operating systems. Element also provides instrumentation, fault management, upgrade management, and shelf management services that make it easy to monitor, provision, service, upgrade, and fine tune distributed networks.

Also built atop this versatile OS platform is Enea's Polyhedra database, which simplifies the management and sharing of secure data throughout distributed systems. Polyhedra is an active, fault-tolerant SQL relational database management system (RDBMS), which uses a memory-resident design to boosts performance by up to an order of magnitude relative to conventional disk- and flash-based RDBMSs. Polyhedra also provides journaling and fault-tolerant mechanisms such as failover control and fast reconnection that ensure data persistence and enhance system availability.

Enea's message-based LINX IPC provides the communications framework for NASP components and applications that utilize NASP services. These services enables processes running on multiple CPUs, DSPs and operating systems to communicate with each other across diverse media (i.e., Gigabit Ethernet, RapidIO, PCI, shared memory) as if they were running on the same CPU under the same OS.

The NASP will be available in June. Entry level configurations start at $ 25,000 USD per seat.

About Enea

Enea is the leading supplier of real-time operating systems, middleware, development tools, database technology and professional services for high-availability distributed multiprocessing applications such as telecommunications infrastructure, mobile devices, medical instrumentation, and automobile control/infotainment. Enea's flagship operating system, OSE is deployed in approximately half of the world's 3G mobile phones and base stations. Enea has over 500 employees and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. For further information on Enea, please visit

About MontaVista Software

MontaVista is the leading embedded Linux provider for the telecommunications market.

MontaVista delivers a complete, flexible and open operating system which allows designers to innovate across a wide range of mobile and wireless devices and communications infrastructures. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., MontaVista has operations in 15 countries. For more information, please visit

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