Endress+Hauser Announces Deltabar M, Cerabar M and Deltapilot M Pressure Transmitters

U.S.-built transmitters take advantage of lean manufacturing to provide high performance measurement at competitive prices

Endress+Hauser's M Class Deltabar M PMD55 transmitter and its Cerabar line of pressure transmitters have ATEX, FM, CSA, NEPSI and IEC Ex certifications for use in hazardous areas. The Deltapilot M has ATEX, FM, CSA, Drinking water (NSF, KTW and ACS), as well as NACE approvals. The new M class family of transmitters are manufactured in the U.S., providing fast delivery and competitive prices.

U.S.-based lean manufacturing of these transmitters benefits Endress+Hauser's North American customers by providing quicker lead times and easier customization. Prices can also be competitive while maintaining high quality because lean manufacturing-to-order cuts inventory and other production costs.

The new line of M-Class transmitters makes it easier for legacy plants to upgrade to digital communications systems such as HART and WirelessHART. It can be difficult for a plant to upgrade all its transmitters at one time, but the M-Class allows users to install instruments on an as-needed basis.

M-Class transmitters have a 4-20mA two-wire analog output with superimposed HART 6.0 digital communications. Remote operation is available via a HART Field Communicator handheld terminal or the wireless Field Xpert PDA with an integrated 3.5 in. touchscreen. The transmitters can also be configured with Endress+Hauser's FieldCare asset management tool, based on FDT technology.

An optional four-line liquid crystal display (LCD) can be used for local display and operation on the transmitters. The local display shows measured values and dialog texts as well as fault and notice messages in plain text, thereby supporting the user at every stage of operation. The liquid crystal display of the device can be turned in 90° stages.

The transmitters can be mounted on a tank, wall or pipe-in either a vertical or a horizontal orientation. The turnable display makes it easy to operate the transmitter and read the measured values with either orientation.

Differential Pressure Measurements

The Deltabar M PMD55 differential pressure transmitter can be used for flow measurement of gases, vapors and liquids. Typical applications also include level, volume and mass measurement of liquids. The Deltabar M transmitter works over measuring ranges of 0.15 to 600 psi with a maximum recommended turndown of 100:1. Reference accuracy is up to 0.075% of full scale.

The Deltabar M is a direct replacement for the Rosemount 1151 analog transmitter, so that a Rosemount user can upgrade directly to the Deltabar M digital HART-based flow transmitter without having to change piping or add a coplanar adapters.

Flow measurements are available in five modes: volume flow, norm volume flow (Europe), standard volume flow (American standard conditions), mass flow and percent. The transmitter has two totalizers. One totalizer can be reset to zero, and the totalizing units can be individually set for each totalizer. This allows daily and annual quantity totalizing.

The Deltabar M transmitter has aluminum housing with protective powder coating and 316L stainless steel process connections. Customers have a choice of Viton, PTFE, NBR or EPDM seals. Operational temperature ranges from -40 to 185 ◦F. The transmitter is suitable for use in oxygen and ultra pure gas applications.

Pressure Measurements

The Cerabar M line of transmitters can be used for measuring absolute and gauge pressure of gases, steam or liquids in all process areas. Typical applications also include level, volume and mass measurement of liquids.

The Cerabar M is available in three models-the PMC51, PMP51 and PMP55. The PMC51 has a capacitive measuring cell and ceramic isolating diaphragm; the PMP51 has a piezoresistive measuring cell and a metal welded process isolating diaphragm; and the PMP55 has a diaphragm seal.

Measuring range is from -15 to 6,000 psi, depending on the model, with reference accuracy up to 0.075% and turndown of 100:1. With diaphragm seals, the Cerabar M can be used in temperatures up to 752 ◦F.

The Cerabar M transmitter has either stainless steel or an aluminium or housing with protective powder coating. A stainless housing is available for hygienic applications. With appropriate seals, the Cerabar M can be used in oxygen, hydrogen, silicon-free and ultra pure gas applications.

Level Measurements

The Deltapilot M line of transmitters is used for measuring hydrostatic liquid level in vented tanks. Deltapilot M transmitters indicate liquid level by measuring the force exerted on the diaphragm induced by the weight of the fluid.

The Deltapilot M family of transmitters utilize the Endress+Hauser patented and proven CONTITE(TM) measurement cell which has excellent recovery times in processes where thermal shock is prevalent. CONTITE cells provide high performance in a variety of liquid level applications.

The Deltapilot M transmitters are available in four models-the FMB50, FMB51, FMB52, and FMB53. The transmitters can be mounted off-line, or can be submerged in a tank via a cable or a steel rod.

The measuring range of the Deltapilot transmitter can be as large as 330 feet and as small as 3 feet while maintaining an accuracy of 0.1% at process temperatures up to 212º F.

The Deltapilot transmitters have a programmable characteristic curve that permits volume and mass measurements in any tank shape. The transmitters can also measure level in tanks with superimposed pressure, foam, agitators or liquefied gases.

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