End of Winter Could Mean Leaky Roofs and the Need for Repairs and Coatings

Flat roofs that are found at plants, factories and other industrial buildings will almost inevitably end up with leaks at some point in their history.  Pumpcoat~PCI Contractors gets several calls for leaks, roof repairs and coatings each season.

Areas on roofs where something sticks up from the roof  - like piping, vents, exhaust fans, etc. are called penetrations. Anywhere there is a penetration, the area is prone to leakage.  Penetrations are surrounded by metal strips and caulking, called flashing, that acts as weatherproofing. Over time, flashing and caulking can break down, allowing water to flow down through the roof coating and cause damage.

Although leaks may seem minor, they can lead to much bigger problems like mold, rust corrosion, water damage, rotting of walls and ceilings among other issues.  Also, water can damage expensive equipment in a factory or power facility. Pumpcoat~PCI field service professionals are experienced in finding the source of the leaks and repairing them.

Pumpcoat-PCI received a call from one of our power generation customers in Western Massachusetts. They were experiencing several leaks of unknown origin when the snow melted. After careful inspection, PCI's service professionals were able to pinpoint the sources of the leaks.  They replaced the flashing caulking around the penetrations. The entire roof was then coated with a two-part EPDM rubber membrane called CIM 1000.  This product forms a seamless, waterproof, elastomeric membrane. It meets tough VOC requirements, and is available both in black  (for absorbing the sun’s rays) and white (for repelling them). This can help with defraying the building’s heating or cooling costs depending upon the need of the facility. The  CIM 1000 material combines the flexibility of a urethane coating with the water impermeability of  asphalt that lasts for several years. The  PCI field service team were able to repair the leaks and coat the roof in a quick and efficient manner without disruption to the customer's schedule. The facility manager was very satisfied with the job, which not only saved him money from damage to the building and equipment, but also resulted in an energy savings for the building.

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