End Effectors grip porous sheet materials with needles.

Press Release Summary:

Operated with 90 psi shop air, SCH20 and SCH23 robotic, pneumatic end effectors utilize 2 sets of needles that extend from gripper at 120° angle to pick up porous sheet materials. Dual sets protrude in opposite directions for firm hold on material, while reducing bunching and pinching under gripper. Depth of stroke of needles can be mechanically adjusted from 0-6 mm. Able to handle up to 9 lb sheets, SCH20 has 1.3 mm dia needles, while SCH23 has 3 mm dia needles.

Original Press Release:

New Robotic End-Effectors from Techno-Sommer Use Needles to Grip Porous Sheet Materials

New Hyde Park, New York - Two unique pneumatic end-effectors from Techno-Sommer Automatic, utilize two sets of needles to pick up foam and porous sheet materials which include: fabric, cork, sponges, urethane foam, plus Styrofoam and cardboard packaging components. The units, called the SCH20 and SCH23, were designed for applications where conventional vacuum cup devices or traditional gripping devices were not suitable. The unit works by "gripping" the materials with 2 pairs of pneumatically extended and retracted needles that penetrate the target material. Steel pins are used in this gripper for strength and to ensure a long service life. When working with packaging foam, mechanical grippers and vacuum cups will either leave heavy contact marks or not have the suction force necessary to securely hold the foam. The unit is available on a special free 10-day trial evaluation basis. In addition, a DXF CAD drawings of these grippers is available for downloading at: www.techno-sommer.com

The SCH20 and SCH23 grippers have two pairs of needles that extend from the gripper at 120° angle. The needles are arranged in two sets. The two sets protrude in opposite directions to ensure a firm hold on the material while also reducing bunching and pinching under the gripper. The depth of the stroke of the needles can be mechanically adjusted from 0 to 6 mm. Multiple grippers are recommended for large or heavy items. The SCH20 has 1.3 mm diameter needles and the SCH23 has 3 mm diameter needles. The 2 pairs of needles are located 27 mm (.394") apart along the bottom surface of a machined aluminum rectangular housing which measures 120 mm (4.72") wide by 25 mm (.984") deep by 65 mm (2.56") high. The entire unit weighs just 350 gm (12.7 oz.).

This rugged, lightweight unit can be operated with standard 90 PSI shop air. A single unit can handle porous sheet materials weighing up to approximately 9 pounds, depending on the material density. For sheet materials weighing over 9 lbs, or for very large surface areas, multiple units are usually utilized to achieve the appropriate gripping action.

Detailed technical specifications are provided in Catalog H925, available free upon request from Techno-Sommer Automatic, 2101 Jericho Turnpike, Box 5416, New Hyde Park, New York 11042-5416. Phone: 516-328-3970. Fax: 516-358-2576. Internet: www.techno-sommer.com

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