End Brushes with Bridals

For added aggressive action and to prevent flaring, Tanis now includes bridals on abrasive end brushes.  The band holds filament tightly together to increase stiffness and stops stray bristles breakage.

Use end brushes on CNC machines or with electric tools to deliver targeted abrasive performance on small areas.   They are ideal for machined parts to blend end-mill tool marks, deburr and blend rough edges.

For an even more powerful finish, use CeramiX® End Brushes.  Made with an abrasive grain developed by 3M™, these brushes can help reduce finishing costs by 30 percent.  The grain lasts longer because it wears away in smaller chunks.  It also cuts faster because it breaks off in jagged pieces, leaving sharp edges ideal for abrasive action.

Tanis offers abrasive brushes in disc, wheel, tube and rotary designs and provides custom engineering services. To learn more about our products and our company visit www.tanisbrush.com.

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