Enclosures offer controlled environment for optical tables.

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Used in applications where workspace or work being performed requires environmentally controlled atmosphere, tabletop enclosures are constructed with aluminum framework, acrylic sides, and composite roof. Optional blower with HEPA-filter can be mounted on top to create positive air pressure, ensuring clean environment even when open. In addition to 4 color choices, enclosures come in sizes from 48 x 72 x 32 in. to 60 x 144 x 32 in. Side panels slide to facilitate access to tabletop.

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Tabletop Enclosures for Optical Tables

BOSTON, MA - Kinetic Systems announces the availability of its full line of tabletop enclosures for optical tables. These enclosures are lightweight, economical, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for applications where the workspace or the work being performed require an environmentally controlled atmosphere.

Each tabletop enclosure is constructed with an aluminum framework, durable acrylic sides, and a rigid composite roof. The enclosure is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 48" x 72" x 32" to 60" x 144" x 32". A choice of four colors is available - clear, amber, smoke-gray, or black. Side panels are designed to slide in order to provide easy access to the tabletop from either side. An optional blower with an HEPA-filter can be mounted on top to create positive air pressure assuring a clean environment even when open.

Kinetic Systems, Inc., is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of vibration isolation equipment, optical tables, and related components used in a wide range of industries worldwide, including research and development, quality control, laboratories, and semiconductor manufacturing. For more information, contact Tony Kallas, Director Marketing/Sales, Kinetic Systems, Inc., 20 Arboretum Road, Boston, MA 02131, TEL: (617) 522-8700, FAX: (617) 522-6323, E-mail: sales@kineticsystems.com, Web: www.kineticsystems.com.

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