Enclosure targets wireless applications.

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Built around Juno-USB module and measuring 1.8 x 0.80 x .425 in., Class I Model 180804 is suited for WirelessUSB(TM), flash drives, and Wi-Fi applications. Enclosure is available in unlimited colors with endless CNC modifications. Recessed area on cover accommodates artwork and accepts both overlays and printing, while internal features enable PC board mounting. Options include slip fit protective cap and binding button.

Original Press Release:

New Age Enclosures Releases 1st of its kind WirelessUSB(TM) Enclosure

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA: New Age Enclosures announces the release of an ultra thin enclosure designed for WirelessUSB(TM) (Juno-USB), flash drives and Wi-Fi applications. Weighing less than 8 grams, the fashionably small design measures 1.8" in length, 0.80" in width, and .425" in height.

Identified as Class I part number 180804, development was in partnership with Unigen Corporation, a global manufacture of wireless and memory modules, headquartered in Fremont, CA. Unigen, in partnership with Cypress Semiconductor, has built their Juno-USB module around the Cypress' WirelessUSB(TM) CYWUSB6934/35 silicon. New Age Enclosures offers a turn-key solution by providing a standard enclosure built around the Juno-USB module. The JUNO product family promises to revolutionize not only the wireless market, but also bring the vision of a wireless desktop one step closer to realization. Unigen's JUNO's "drop-in" solutions are compatible with numerous existing operating system HID drivers and useful for a variety of device designs. From mice to printers to keyboards, WirelessUSB(TM) continues to prove their versatility in a variety of industrial and commercial markets. "New Age's 180804 enclosure is a perfect companion to our JUNO-USB module" said Mark Morrissey, Director of Business Development for Unigen. "OEMs today look for quick time to market, low cost and robust solutions. With WirelessUSB(TM) technology powering the Unigen JUNO-USB module and wrapped in a cost effective, attractive New Age enclosure those desires become a reality"

The enclosure is available in unlimited colors and with endless CNC modifications. A recessed area on the cover welcomes artwork and accepts both overlays and printing. Options include a slip fit protective cap and a binding button. Internal features enable PC board mounting. A unique press-together-fit was engineered to reduce assembly time and set-up costs. When purchased independently the enclosure sells for $0.78/250-500 Qty - available now.

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