Enclosed Encoders offer accuracy of 2.5 arc-min.

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Operating up to 5,000 rpm at temperatures to 70°C, Enclosed Series incremental encoders measure motor speed and shaft rotation. Integration of electronic functions into opto-ASIC chip contributes to 1.2 in. dia size of E-12 encoders. In addition, E14 encoder provides resolution up to 2540 ppr, while E12 encoder offers resolution up to 1024 ppr. Suited for motor-mount applications, both units offer optional marker pulse and provide data rates to 100 kHz.

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Enclosed Encoders from Danaher Controls Are Up To 30 Percent Smaller, 160 Percent More Accurate

CHICAGO-May 15, 2003-Danaher Controls introduces two new Enclosed Series incremental encoders for motor mount applications, featuring new technology that reduces size up to 30 percent and improves accuracy up to 160 percent, compared to earlier models. The new Dynapar E12 and E14 optical encoders measure motor speed and shaft rotation in commercial and light industrial applications, including medical ultrasound and dialysis equipment, photocopiers, elevators, desktop printers, and light-duty industrial machinery.

The new products help machine designers reduce the size and weight of their products. Integrating electronic functions into a tiny opto-ASIC chip enabled Danaher to significantly shrink the size of these encoders compared to previous models. The ultra-miniature E12 encoder has a diameter of only 1.2 inches.

In addition, the new E14 encoder provides resolution up to 2540 PPR (pulses per revolution), more than double the PPR of earlier models. The increased accuracy permits more precise motion- and speed-control necessary for higher-performance end products. The E12 encoder has resolution up to 1024 PPR. Both offer an optional marker pulse.

Compared to resolvers, Danaher's Enclosed Series encoders provide higher accuracy: 2.5 arc-minutes compared to the 10 arc-minutes typical of resolvers. Also, the output of a resolver must be digitized before it can be used, limiting the response speed of the servo loop. In contrast, the encoder signal is digital from the start. The new encoders offer data rates up to 100 kHz, permitting fast feedback for servo loops.

For easy installation on motor or machine shafts, Danaher's E14 encoder is available in a Hub Shaft version. The hub shaft design and flexible spring mount eliminate the need for a mounting flange adapter and flexible coupling. This reduces the encoder's depth and reduces installation costs. The E14 also may be ordered in an Integral Shaft Coupling version designed for convenient motor installation. It mounts on industry-standard bolt circle patterns and is available to accommodate a choice of shaft sizes.

Dynapar Enclosed Series encoders are suited to a variety of environmental conditions, operating up to 5000 RPM at temperatures up to 70 degrees C. The rugged metal housing is sealed by an O-ring, making the encoders dirt-tight and splash-proof to standard IP54. IP64-rated (dust-proof/splash-proof) housings are available as an option. To provide high immunity from electrical noise, a shielded cable and line driver are standard.

Price and Availability. With prices starting as low as $220, the Dynapar E12 and E14 Enclosed Series encoders are competitively priced and available fast. Under Danaher's Quick Ship program, most products ship within three days of the order. Designers have a choice of servo or face-mount models in industry standard sizes. The new products are available April 1, 2003.

Danaher Controls' Enclosed Series is part of a complete line of encoders, including the heavy-duty H20 Industrial Series and the new ACURO line of absolute encoders. The ACURO line offers compact design, high resolution, and innovative reliability features that help prevent downtime.

For More Information. For more information on the E12 and E14 Enclosed Series Encoders or any of Danaher Controls' products, contact Danaher Controls at: 800-873-8731. Product information is available by FAX by calling 800-430-2153. Website: www.dancon.com.

About Danaher Controls. Danaher Controls designs, manufacturers and markets a wide variety of encoders, counters, motion controls and timing products worldwide, including Dynapar, Northstar, and Hengstler brand encoders, Veeder-Root brand counters, Partlow-West controllers and recorders, and Eagle Signal brand timers. For more information, contact your nearest Danaher Controls distributor or Danaher Controls at 1675 Delany Road, Gurnee, IL 60031. Phone: 1-800-873-8731 or 847-662-2666; FAX: 847-662-6633. Website: www.dancon.com.

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