Encapsulated Clamping Device ensures total functionality.

Press Release Summary:

Able to be operated from either side, KSK 5A completely encapsulated, 5-axis centric clamping device ensures total functionality and optimal process reliability, even in rough environments, while eliminating possibility of malfunctions due to soiling and clamped chips. It can be used as clamping unit for blanks or as precision-clamping module. Measuring 170 mm long with 65 mm wide jaw, product offers 0-152 mm clamping range, 20 kN clamping force at 65 Nm, and 0.02 mm centering accuracy.

Original Press Release:

KONTEC KSK Ensures Total Functionality Due to Encapsulation

The KONTEC KSK 5A by SCHUNK is the world's first completely encapsulated 5 axis centric clamping device. Its unique design ensures total functionality and maximum process reliability - even in a rough environment and makes malfunctions due to soiling and clamped chips a thing of the past.

The KONTEC KSK 5A can be operated from either side, is compact, and has a large clamping range. The centering accuracy is 0.02 mm, and it can be used as a clamping unit for blanks or as a precision-clamping module. Thanks to the latest slide geometry, this tool can be integrated directly into change pallets without any base body.

The length is only 170 mm, with a jaw width of 65 mm, and a clamping range of 0 - 152 mm. The clamping force is 20 kN at 65 Nm, and the centering accuracy is 0.02 mm.

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