Encapsulant Materials are designed for photovoltaic modules.

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DuPont(TM) PV5300 Series and DuPont(TM) PV5200 Series can protect solar cells. DuPont(TM) PV5300 Series sheets can be used for new module designs like building-integrated photovoltaic tiles for installation on building roofs. Based on polyvinyl butyral polymer technology, DuPont(TM) PV5200 Series sheets suit needs of thin-film solar power generation.

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DuPont Launches New Materials for Photovoltaic Modules

New materials protect solar cells, enable increased efficiency and reduce cost-per-Watt.

Wilmington, DE May 14, 2009 -- DuPont today announced the commercialization of two new families of photovoltaic encapsulant sheets that are expected to improve durability and efficiency of photovoltaic modules. The new DuPont(TM) PV5300 Series and DuPont(TM) PV5200 Series deliver long-term protection for the most sensitive part of photovoltaic modules - the solar cells. They contribute to longer life and reduced cost-per-watt, helping system manufacturers deliver more reliable and cost-effective solar power. On a global basis, DuPont expects to nearly triple annual sales from its portfolio of photovoltaic materials to more than $1 billion by 2012.

"With these new introductions, DuPont science is helping enable the faster spread of solar power," said William F. Weber, vice president and general manager -- DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers. "These new encapsulant materials contribute to keeping cost-per-watt low and reducing the total cost of ownership for solar power. We expect growth for encapsulant materials like these of more than 25 percent per year in the next five years, due to the anticipated strong growth in solar module installations globally."

DuPont(TM) PV5300 Series sheets are five times tougher and 100 times stiffer than materials typically used as encapsulants. Their structural properties make possible new module designs such as building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) tiles that can be installed on building roofs. Companies like SYSTEM Photonics S.p.A of Italy are adopting DuPont(TM) PV5300 for architecturally appealing built-in rooftop photovoltaic power generation.

The company also launched DuPont(TM) PV5200 Series sheets which are designed to meet the needs of thin-film solar power generation, a fast-growing segment of the industry. They are based on polyvinyl butyral polymer technology and offer high performance in physical processing. They enable faster, more efficient module production and longer service life.

DuPont is a leading material and technology supplier to the photovoltaic industry with more than 25 years of experience in photovoltaic materials development and manufacturing. DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions represents the broadest portfolio in the solar energy industry, with more than 10 products critical to photovoltaic production, designed to work together to help increase the efficiency and lifetime for both crystalline silicon and thin film modules.

Products include:

DuPont(TM) PV Encapsulant Sheets: Ranging from soft to structural, clear DuPont(TM) PV5200 and PV5300 Series encapsulant sheets offer proven safety and laminating performance, and deliver long-term protection for the most sensitive portions of photovoltaic modules.

DuPont(TM) Elvax® EVA copolymer resins: cushion individual cells from impact and enable the transmission of sunlight to the cells.

DuPont(TM) Teflon® fluoropolymer films for front sheets and flexible panels: offer mechanical strength and durability against cracking, flexibility and nearly 100 percent transparency.

DuPont(TM) Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride films: deliver long-lasting UV and weather-resistant back sheets.

Mylar®, Melinex® and Teijin® Tetoron® PET films from DuPont Teijin Films: provide value-adding, cost-effective film solutions for backsheet laminates.

DuPont(TM) Solamet® photovoltaic metallizations: increase the efficiency and yield of solar cells.

DuPont(TM) Rynite® PET thermoplastic resins: increase safety, eliminate corrosion, and provide long-lasting performance for junction boxes and structural components in harsh environments.

DuPont(TM) Kapton® polyimide film for thin film substrates: provide excellent electrical and thermal properties to thin film modules.

Teonex® PEN and Melinex® ST polyester films from DuPont Teijin Films: provide high-temperature dimensional stability, clarity and UV protection for thin film deposition substrates and front sheets.

Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts from DuPont Performance Elastomers: provide excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures to help reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance.

DuPont(TM) Zonyl® and Capstone(TM) fluorosurfactants: provide unrivaled wetting aids in semiconductor texturing, offering etch control, reduced waste and improved cell efficiencies.

DuPont - one of the first companies to publicly establish environmental goals 19 years ago - has broadened its sustainability commitments beyond internal footprint reduction to include market-driven targets for both revenue and research and development investment. The goals are tied directly to business growth, specifically to the development of safer and environmentally improved new products for key global markets.

DuPont is a science-based products and services company. Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Operating in more than 70 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture and food; building and construction; communications; and transportation.

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