Encapsulant Adhesive Paste reflows at 230°C.

Press Release Summary:

Offering pull strength up to 180g at room and high temperatures, SMT 256EP Encapsulant Adhesive Paste improves solder joint strength. Used for mass production via dispensing or printing, unit is suitable for high temperature applications up to 300°C and package level applications.

Original Press Release:

SMT 256EP New High Viscous Solder Joint Encapsulant Adhesive Paste

YINCAE has developed a new innovative solder joint encapsulant paste. Designed to be used for mass production via dispensing or printing, SMT 256EP replaces traditional solder paste, flux, and underfill. STM 256EP enhances solder joint strength by 5 to 10 times and has demonstrated high pull strength at both room and high temperatures (280°C). At 280°C, SMT 256EP has a pull strength up to 180g. Thus, SMT 256EP eliminates the RTV or red glue that is typically used to hold components during double reflow, and reduces manufacturing costs. This product is commercially available and used by companies for package level applications. SMT 256EP is an innovative product that demonstrates outstanding thermocycling performance, cost efficiency, and the ability to be reflowed at 230°C, used for high temperature applications (300°C). These results point to SMT 256EP being the next generation adhesive for the Microelectronics industry.

Additional information on the SMT 256EP is available by contacting YINCAE at info@yincae.com.

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