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EN50155-Certified Device Server suits railway applications.

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EN50155-Certified Device Server suits railway applications.

Apr 26, 2013 - Featuring rugged M12 connectors, 4 isolated RS-422/-485 ports, and multiple operating modes, TDS-5041-I-M12 offers communication link from Ethernet to serial devices – sensors, PLCs, signal indicators, passenger information system, etc – on rolling stock. HTTPS, SSH, and SSL encryption provides secure management and critical data transmission. With 12–48 Vdc input range, server can operate from -40 to +185°F in environments with constant vibration and shock.

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EN50155 Certified Device Server for Rolling Stock TDS-5041-I-M12

Press release date: Mar 11, 2013

Taipei, Taiwan – In the generation of Internet and the trend of IP-Base railway equipment, device server still stands for an indispensible place in the industry. ORing Industrial Networking Corp. is please to unveil the new product of device server series – TDS-5041-I-M12, which is specialize designed for the railway application. TDS-5041-I-M12 comes with the rugged M12 connectors and complies with the strict railway EN50155 certification. TDS-5041-I-M12 completely meets the requirements of the railway application – it can operate under the environment with constant train vibrations and shocks. TDS-5041-I-M12 serial device server is an essential apparatus of the railway application, offering the reliable communication link from Ethernet to the serial devices on the rolling stock, such as the sensors, the PLCs, signal indicators, passenger information system, etc.

For the utilization of rolling stock under the harsh environment, TDS-5041-I-M12 supports ‚S ports of RS-422/485 interfaces on 5-pin M12 A-coding connectors, provides wide-ranged power input from 12 to 48 VDC and offers the wide operating temperature from -40oC to 70oC. TDS-5041-I-M12 assures the stable data transmission in the high-speed railway environment and harsh operation conditions. Moreover, it can simultaneously transfer data up to 5 redundant host PCs to avoid Ethernet connection breakdown or any host PC fails. For the security of management and critical data transmission, TDS-5041-I-M12 features HTTPS, SSH and SSL encryption. Therefore, this ORing’s EN50155-certified device server is the ideal choice for the proprietors.

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Product Features:
• Provide 4 isolated RS-422/485 Ports
• Operating Modes: Virtual Com, Serial Tunnel, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP
• Redundant multiple host devices:
• 5 host devices: Virtual COM, TCP Server, TCP Client mode;4 IP ranges: UDP
• NAT-pass through: user can manage TDS-5041-I-M12 through NAT router
• Security: SSL data encryption; secured management by HTTPS and SSH; IP Access: IP White List
• Internet Communication: PPPoE
• Dynamically Update DNS Hostname: DDNS
• Event Warning by Syslog, Email, SNMP trap, Relay and Beeper
• Operating Temperature : -40 to 70°C (-40 to 185°F)

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