En-145 Certification Awarded for New Biopak 240r Rebreather

Revolutionary new 4-Hour SCBA now approved and available for use in Europe

Exton, PA... Biomarine Inc., a division of Neutronics Inc., has been awarded CEN (European Committee for Standardization) certification by the Central Institute For Labor Protection (CIOP) for its all-new, state-of-the-art Biomarine BioPak 240 Revolution 4-Hour Rebreather. The CEN certification includes EN-145 for the BioPak 240R System and EN-136 for the BioPak 240R's AV3000 Facemask.

The announcement was made by Gary Halpern, COO of Neutronics Inc., who noted, "We are very excited about our new BioPak 240R certification. This heralds the arrival of our BioPak range of Rebreathers to the European continent, and now, all CEN member countries will have access to our breakthrough SCBA technology."

In addition to the European Union countries, the BioPak 240 Revolution is now available to all other countries that recognized CEN standards, EN-145 and EN-136. These countries include Canada, Mexico, as well as countries within the continents of Africa, South America and Asia, with the exception of Japan and China, which maintain their own standards requirements. Approvals from NIOSH and MSHA are pending and expected shortly.

BioPak 240R, most significant SCBA advancement in 10 years

The new Biomarine BioPak 240R is the industry's most advanced and easiest to use long duration Rebreather on the market. With its 6-litre tidal volume, disposable solid CO2 scrubbers, and quick-change coolant, the 240R represents the most significant advancement in closed circuit, self-contained breathing apparatus technology in over a decade. Overall user safety and comfort has also been dramatically increased over standard SCBA with an ergonomic design and advanced status/warning systems.

Easier breathing, lowest resistance

The BioPak 240R has the industry's lowest closed-circuit breathing resistance at all work rates. This makes breathing more comfortable and less stressful. The unit's large breathing chamber incorporates three springs for guaranteed positive pressure. The BioPak 240R vents only used air, reducing overall oxygen need and demand valve usage.

Deployment and maintenance time cut in half

The BioPak 204R's patented solid CO2 scrubbers simplify and speed absorbent replacement. The cartridges are disposable superior to granular systems because they eliminate the complexities of refilling and will not channel dust, or settle during usage or transportation.

The innovative quick-change cooling system features long-lasting, re-freezable cooling canisters that can be changed in seconds, while the operator is still wearing the unit. The canisters are accessible externally via twist off lids. There is no need to open the housing or break into the breathing loop, so positive pressure is maintained throughout the coolant change.

Greater comfort and safety

The BioPak 240 R is ergonomically designed and body-contoured for maximum comfort and ease-of-use. It's slim profile fits comfortably under protective gear without restricting movement. A fully padded ergonomic harness positions the weight on the hips instead of the shoulders to reduce operator fatigue. The harness can be easily adjusted to fit any size user and is available in a fire-rated version.

Biomarine engineers chose the Scott AV-3000® face piece for the BioPak 240 R because of its advanced design and comfortable fit. The AV-3000 features improved downward peripheral vision for increased visibility and a dual "voicemitter" for added communications clarity. A 6-point quad adjustment harness and choice of seals and nose cup sizes are included for an optimum fit.

Easy accessible controls, system status alerts

All of the unit's controls and displays are easily accessible and designed to keep the user fully aware of operational status at all times via optical warnings and audible alarms. A temperature sensor reminds the user to check if coolant canisters have been installed prior to use. The pneumatic pressure gauge displays O2 status and sounds an electronic alarm at 25% end of service. The gauge also features fiber optic-based, color-coded warning signals for normal operation, low battery, possible missing coolant, and 25% end of service. A "bump-proof" knob protects the oxygen cylinder actuation valve against accidental contact. A manual quick disconnect has been incorporated to prevent O2 loss in the event of gauge line damage.

Lowest cost of ownership on the market

The BioPak 240 Revolution 4-hour Rebreather has a lower initial purchase price, costs less to maintain, and provides a lower total ownership cost than any other 4-hour SCBA on the market. No mandatory replacement or factory rebuilds are required for the life of the unit. The BioPak 240R's stainless steel fiber reinforced polymer housing is robust enough to withstand even the most rugged use and is shielded to protect against radio interference. A simplified internal plumbing design reduces pneumatic tubing and connections, dramatically improving reliability and reducing overall weight. A positive connection between air cylinder and valve assures correct alignment and a secure connection. All hoses, housing, face piece, and outside materials are made of flame rated materials.

BioPak 240 Revolution features fewer parts for minimal service interruption. Service access is simplified with an easy-to-operate latch system. Removal of the hardened breathing chamber requires only four quick release pins, two hand nuts, and one electrical connection.

Overall weight is a light 33 lbs. (15 kg). Dimensions are 23.0" L x 17.3" W x 7.0" D (584mm X 439mm X 178mm)

Focus panel development

The Biomarine BioPak 240 Revolution is the result of exhaustive R&D and focus panel testing. It was developed with direct input from a wide sampling of rescue personnel involved in mine or tunnel rescue, industrial accidents, Hazmat clean up, search and rescue, and military or homeland security actions. We relied on their ideas throughout our design, engineering, and field-testing phases to create a rebreather that provides exactly what users want: easier breathing, better ergonomics, enhanced safety, faster deployment, and lower service costs.


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