EMX Accelerates Deliveries of Day/Night Swat Vehicle Camera Systems

Recent events in the Middle East have resulted in accelerated orders for the EMX Day/Night Surveillance System specifically designed for situation awareness on SWAT Armored Vehicles. The modified EMX 950 Day/Night Surveillance System provides 24/7 thermal and color camera video for display inside the SWAT Armored Vehicle. EMX CEO, Tim Arion said: "the 36X color camera is especially useful for zooming in on a hostage situation to assist in identifying who might be a hostage(s) or who might be the perpetrator. It also permits recording activities occurring during a riot, or demonstration, for later EMX 950 Day/Night Surveillance System review and identification of suspects. In addition to the ability to see through tear gas and smoke, the thermal camera allows for dusk to dawn surveillance of a situation and, in a pinch, the thermal camera can also serve as a night driving camera."

Mr. Arion also said: "this particular version of our EMX 950 Series is also finding utility on riverine patrol craft where the waters remain fairly benign ... such as rivers and lakes. For those Agencies who maintain a mix of both SWAT vehicles and patrol boats, our EMX 950 offers commonality of parts, training, and logistics at a reasonable price."

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