EMX-75XX Series Digital Input/Output Modules use clamping diodes.

Press Release Summary:

Available in EMX-7510, EMX-7511, EMX-7512, EMX-7513, EMX-7514 and EMX-7515 series, EMX-75XX Series of PXI Express Digital Input/Output Modules come with soft front panel interface, IVI software drivers and eight ports of 8 bits each. Suitable for driving and sensing device such as relays, unit provides 1000 V signal isolation. Product offers voltage inputs and outputs from 2 V to 60 V on each channel.

Original Press Release:

New PXIe Digital Input/Output Core ATE Modules Sink, Source 300 mA on Every Channel

With the introduction of the EMX-75XX Series of PXI Express (PXIe) Digital Input/Output Modules, AMETEK VTI Instruments continues to expand its Core ATE™ offering with a focus on performance and flexibility. The EMX-7510 is a high-performance I/O module with eight ports of 8 bits (64 channels) each. Plus, each 8-bit port may be configured as an input or output under program control. The ability to sink up to 300 mA, using built-in clamping diodes, makes this module ideal for driving and sensing external devices such as relays, extending both functionality and flexibility.

The EMX-7510, EMX-7511, EMX-7512, EMX-7513, EMX-7514, and EMX-7515 include variations that offer 1000 V signal isolation as well as fixed input/output modules for dedicated applications.

Top features include:

  • Static digital input/output
  • 64 channels total (8 ports of 8 bits each), bidirectional
  • High current (300 mA) on each channel
  • Voltage inputs and outputs from 2 V to 60 V on each channel
  • Embedded soft front panel interface
  • Common IVI software drivers available
  • Multiple digital logic levels: LV TTL, TTL
  • Optical isolation at 1000 V

For more information or to request an online quote, visit the product page http://marketing.vtiinstruments.com/e/12672/vices-SMX-Series-EMX-7510-aspx/3yzsfg/679526967.


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