Emsys and Qvantel Announce Strategic Partnership in USB Solutions

ESPOO, Finland & ILMENAU, Germany -- Emsys Embedded Systems GmbH and Qvantel Oy announced today that they are signing a partnership agreement to enhance their offering of USB solutions for wireless device vendors. Through this partnership, Qvantel will support Emsys USB firmware in Asian markets; and Emsys will use and support Qvantel USB PC drivers in Europe.

"This partnership will expand our market, will help us to deliver complete solutions to our customers and will provide leverage from the first-class experience that Emsys has in embedded device software development" says Ms. Liisa Grant, CEO of Qvantel. "Given the constant downward pricing pressure on mobile terminals, our customers need to reduce their development and maintenance costs at every opportunity. This partnership will present a credible, state-of-art, and cost effective solution to the market for the whole product lifecycle"

"We are excited to support customers and address new opportunities that this co-operation provides, and look forward to increase our presence in Asia. We are pleased that, through this partnership, we can also increase our service capabilities to serve a larger customer base internationally through Qvantel's development centers, located in Bangalore and Hyderabad in India" commented Dr. Karsten Pahnke, CEO of Emsys.

Qvantel offers state-of-art USB device driver solutions for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems, including Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000.

The drivers are built with the latest WDF framework recommended by Microsoft.

These drivers can be used by mobile handsets (2G, 3G, 4G), USB Modems, and broadband data modules.

Emsys provides USB Host and Device stacks for embedded devices supporting different types of hardware and integrated in multiple embedded operating systems. The solutions also include higher level protocols including MTP or PictBridge, based on USB transports as well as specific solutions for USB Sim cards.

Emsys Embedded Systems GmbH is a German engineering company, based out of Ilmenau, with more than 10 years of practical experience in the embedded domain, and supporting customers in Europe, Asia and North America. The company focuses on the development of hardware and software for embedded Systems, including hardware and software components. Their application domains include fast serial buses such as USB, FireWire(TM), and Ethernet.

Qvantel Oy is a Finnish IT services company offering cloud-based critical business support systems (BSS) for Telecommunications Service Providers, and IT development services for wireless device vendors supporting data cards, USB modems, 3G routers and smart phones. Qvantel is a privately held company with 150+ employees in three R&D locations in Finland and India. Qvantel's customers include well known European service providers and mobile handset/platform vendors.

Source: Emsys Embedded Systems GmbH and Qvantel Oy

For more information, please visit www.qvantel.com. / CEO Qvantel Oy, Liisa Grant, Mobile +46-70-4674822, E-mail: liisa.grant@qvantel.com; www.emsys.de / CEO Emsys, Karsten Pahnke, Mobile +49-36-77689-77-0, E-mail: karsten.pahnke@emsys.de;

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