Employee Alarm uses visual and audible signals.

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Fast Alert(R) informs help teams where emergency occurred in the workplace. Handicap-accessible button activates system. Large, red strobe generates 1,200 candelas per second and provides maximum visibility even in bright sunlight. Horn generates 100 decibels at 10 ft, sufficient to be heard above common manufacturing ambient levels. Replaceable, 12 Vdc battery pack or 9 ft, 12 Vac cord powers system. Fast Alert complies with OSHA 1910.165.

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New Employee Emergency Alarm System Now Available

Green Bay, WI - March 20, 2002 - The Fast Alert® employee alarm system is designed to reduce response times for emergencies in the workplace. The system uses both visual and audible signals to immediately inform help teams where an emergency has occurred. Unlike traditional alarm systems, Fast Alert systems are located throughout the workplace in order to make alarms easily accessible and in close proximity to areas where emergencies are most likely to occur. "The Fast Alert employee alarm system addresses two critical aspects of effective workplace emergency response - communication and response time," explains Dave Sinkula, Fast Alert Marketing Manager. "It provides a fast, universal way for employees to communicate and respond to emergencies. A rapid, effective response to an emergency often reduces the extent of injury, liability and damage, and most importantly, it can save lives." OSHA regulations mandate that all companies of 11 or more employees must have a written action plan outlining its response to emergency situations, and its employee alarm systems must comply with OSHA standards. Fast Alert complies with OSHA 1910.165 for employee alarm systems. Pushing a handicap-accessible button activates the Fast Alert system. The system's large, red strobe generates 1,200 candelas per second and provides maximum visibility even in bright sunlight. The system's horn generates 100 decibels at 10 feet, sufficient to be heard above common manufacturing ambient levels. "Fast Alert not only functions as an alarm," Sinkula notes, "it also serves as a visual reminder of workplace safety and of the company's commitment to the well-being of every employee." Fast Alert alarms are easy to set up, and are designed to accommodate a variety of workplace environments. It is available in a freestanding, post-style unit with two height options. It is also available in a beam style that can be mounted to existing infrastructure and adjusted to varying levels of height. Engineered for durability and performance, Fast Alert alarms are constructed with lightweight aluminum for use indoors or outdoors. Either 12-volt AC with a 9-foot cord, or 12-volt DC with a replaceable, self-contained battery pack powers the systems. Fast Alert's powder-coat finish will not rust or corrode, and it is UL listed and constructed with NEMA 4 rated components. Fast Alert is available in Wisconsin through the Industrial Distribution Group (800) 242-7645. For availability outside of Wisconsin and more information, contact Fast Alert at (866) 212-3456.

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