Emissions Analyzer is powered by rechargeable battery.

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Tempest 100 handheld analyzer monitors gaseous emissions, calculates combustion efficiency, and logs and prints gas data. Detectable gases include CO, CO2, nitrogen monoxide, and O2. All data can be downloaded to PC. Tempest 100 also provides unattended monitoring over extended periods via programmable datalogging. It analyzes combustion performance with integral thermocouples, which measure inlet, stack, and ambient temperature.

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Analyzer Keeps An Eye On Emissions

Gaseous emissions from process plant, furnaces, incinerators and power plants can be checked and logged with a handheld analyzer from Crowcon. In a single compact unit Tempest 100 monitors carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen monoxide and oxygen, calculates combustion efficiency, and logs and prints gas data. Additional sensors can be specified for nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, and all data can be downloaded to a PC for subsequent analysis.

As well as measurements with an operator present, Tempest 100 provides unattended monitoring over extended periods using its programmable datalogging facility. At user-set intervals, gas levels are automatically logged and, if required, hard copies are made by the integral printer.

Larger facilities such as power plants may choose the instrument to complement permanently installed monitoring equipment. In such cases, Tempest 100 validates readings from fixed systems and provides a vital back-up should those systems fail. This is especially important where plants face a costly shut-down if temporarily unable to prove emissions within legal limits.

Tempest 100 also analyzes the combustion performance of furnaces, incinerators and similar plant. An integral thermocouple measures inlet, stack and ambient temperature; combined with the in-stack oxygen level, these readings allow the unit to calculate combustion efficiency as a percentage. Gas pressure, flue draught and differential pressure can also be measured. Tempest 100 is pre-programmed for combustion monitoring with six fuels; additional fuels can be defined by the user.

All readings, whether for emissions or combustion monitoring, are taken with a single probe. The instrument is powered either by a rechargeable battery typically providing five hours' use, or directly from the electric supply.

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