EMI / RFI Shielding Clip-On Product - MINIATURE CLIP-ON SERIES

Omega Shielding has an innovative EMI / RFI Shielding Clip-On Product - MINIATURE CLIP-ON SERIES. OMEGA SHIELDING PRODUCTS' Miniature Clip-on Series of parts are among the smallest clip-on strips, of this configuration, available today. They require very low compression force and exhibit virtually no compression set. The 99-800 and 99-801 series have straight fingers which, when compressed, provide a "biting" action for surfaces that require abrasion in order to achieve positive contact. In contrast, the 99-802 and 99-803 series have fingers that are formed to facilitate a smooth engagement with the contact surface during compression. In either case, they are all ideal for applications where minimal mounting space is available. Compression forces should be applied in one of the directions. They are all available in a variety of surface finishes to accommodate metallurgical compatibility.


Established in 1983, internationally recognized ISO9001:2008 quality standard. Now recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of metal-stamped, high-performance, fingerstock shielding products, OMEGA SHIELDING PRODUCTS offers an extensive line of products suitable for most applications. Manufactured to the highest standards, from a variety of engineered materials, shielding produced by OMEGA SHIELDING PRODUCTS offers the unsurpassed combination of low compression forces, high endurance and high electrical conductivity. In order to accommodate most applications, OMEGA SHIELDING PRODUCTS offers a large variety of configurations and attachment methods, plus a complete selection of electronic grade plated finishes. An extensive inventory is maintained to ensure on-time delivery.

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