EMI/RFI Filters are intended for noise generating equipment.

Press Release Summary:

Offering hermetically sealed filter solution, FCL-660 Series RFI/EMC filters are available for 5-300 A circuits. Nosie interference filters are designed for low level interference and are suitable for use in screen rooms, medical apparatus, induction heaters, and other noise generating equipment.

Original Press Release:

Fil-Coil Introduces Filters for Noise Generating Equipment

Fil-Coil's EMI/RFI filters are available with more than 25 years of design and manufacturing expertise. Quality EMI/RFI filters are provided fault-free to the electronics industry. A wide range of off-the-shelf noise interference filters are available. Fil-Coil expands on the FCL-66 series to include a new series FCC-660 for use in noise generating equipment.

Both series highlight a reliable low cost hermetically sealed filter solution. The Fil-Coil FCL-66 series RFI/EMC filters are available for 5 to 300 amp circuits. Filters are designed for low level interference. Objective is low cost, without compromising the quality and workmanship on the filter.

FCL-66 and 660 series filters are used in screen rooms, medical apparatus, induction heaters and other noise generating equipment.

Fil-Coil's EMI RFI filter range provides an off-the-shelf solution for the vast majority of electronic equipment noise problems. Our standard product range is particularly wide, embracing both chassis-mounting and PCB-mounting types, allowing users to select an optimal choice in both performance and cost efficiency terms. Our product line includes Power Line filters, RF Power Line penetration filters, RFI/EMI filters and tubular design filters from 40dB to 80dB.

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