EMI Filters handle high bandwidth applications.

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Based on Praetorian II architecture, Series CM1692 inductor-capacitor (LC) filters include CM1692-04DE, CM1692-06DE, and CM1692-08DE lead-free models. Units offer high cutoff frequencies of up to 400 MHz, stop band ranging from 800 MHz up to 3 GHz that covers all wireless communication frequencies, 2 nsec rise time, less than -2 dB insertion loss, and ESD protection up to ±15 kV contact discharge per IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 specification.

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California Micro Devices Introduces New Praetorian(TM) LC Filter Family for Wireless Handsets

Praetorian II Devices Complement Groundbreaking Praetorian I Filters

MILPITAS, Calif., Dec. 10 / -- California Micro Devices (NASDAQ:CAMD) today announced a significant expansion of its portfolio of EMI filters for high bandwidth applications in mobile handsets with the introduction of the CM1692 family of inductor-capacitor (LC) filters. The CM1692 devices are based on its new Praetorian II architecture and allow mobile handset designers to address many higher bandwidth data interfaces that cannot be served by lower cost resistor-capacitor (RC) based filters, at a cost lower than that of its groundbreaking Praetorian I filters. CMD's Praetorian I devices, originally introduced in February, 2005, were the first LC filters designed for handset applications and still offer the highest level of filter performance available in the marketplace.

Value Segmentation

RC EMI filters provide optimal filter performance for low bandwidth data applications at low cost. Products based on CMD's innovative Praetorian I LC architecture offer superior EMI filtering performance for high bandwidth data applications, but at a higher cost. As with Praetorian I devices, the CM1692 family provides the benefits of inductor-capacitor based EMI suppression, including high cutoff frequency, fast roll off, superior signal integrity and minimal insertion loss, at a price/performance point intermediate between RC filters and Praetorian I filters. For the most demanding applications, where greater attenuation and enhanced signal-to-noise ratio are required, the original Praetorian I products remain the best choice.


The CM1692 family of LC EMI filters also offer robust electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, and are ideal for protecting a variety of high bandwidth data interfaces found in today's most advanced handsets that cannot be handled by RC filters. These interfaces typically employ clock frequencies greater than 50 MHz and include applications such as camera modules with resolutions greater than 3.0 Mega pixels, high resolution liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and removable memory modules with capacities greater than 2 gigabytes. Key performance attributes of the CM1692's three pole C-L-C architecture (12pF-17nH-12pF per channel) include:

o High cutoff frequencies of up to 400 Mhz
o A broad stop band ranging from 800 MHz up to 3 GHz that covers all
wireless communication frequencies
o Superior signal integrity with rise times as low as 2ns, which cannot
be achieved with RC filters
o Minimal insertion loss (<-2dB).
o Robust ESD protection up to ±15kV contact discharge per
IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 specification.

Maximum Layout and Placement Flexibility

The CM1692 family includes three different products to give maximum layout and placement flexibility to wireless handset designers. The table below shows the channel configuration options with their respective dimensions. They are offered in compact, low profile, uDFN packages for maximum space savings.

CM1692 Product Family Summary

Product       # of channels    Package     Dimensions

CM1692-04DE 4 DFN 1.70mm (L) x 1.35mm (l)
x 0.50mm (H), 0.40mm pitch
CM1692-06DE 6 DFN 2.50mm (L) x 1.35mm (l)
x 0.50mm (H), 0.40mm pitch
CM1692-08DE 8 DFN 3.30mm (L) x 1.35mm (l)
x 0.50mm (H), 0.40mm pitch

Pricing and Availability

The CM1692-04DE, CM1692-06DE and CM1692-08DE, all lead free, are currently in mass production, and are priced between $0.10 and $0.20 each at 1,000 units depending on channel configuration.

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