Emerson Bearing Now Servicing Food Industry

BOSTON, MA – Emerson Bearing, a Boston based bearing company catering to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) markets around the globe, is now catering their services to companies in the food industry.

The company provides bearings for various types of machines used to process and package food. Emerson Bearing food service clients include companies manufacturing and packaging items such as donuts, muffins and pasta. Packaging and food processing are usually fully automated and often take place under extreme operating conditions. This requires low maintenance, special hygiene requirements and operational reliability.

Emerson Bearing's knowledgeable team assists clients in determining which bearing technologies would be most suitable by taking into consideration the specifications, recommendations, maintenance strategies, fatigue life and wear resistance of the bearing in relation to the  application.

"We are pleased to service numerous food industry clients as it's one of the fastest growing areas within our company," said Steve Katz, president of Emerson Bearing. "We have a vast inventory and provide 24/7 service to our clients that's critical to their operations."

Determining Why a Bearing Fails

As part of their customer care, Emerson provides clients with the unique service of "Bearing Failure Analysis" which helps them determine the cause of bearing failure so that they may prevent future failure and predict reliability. Or, if clients desire to do so, they can utilize the Bearing Failure Analysis program within the Technical Toolbox on the Emerson Bearing website.

The Emerson Bearing Difference

In a proud tradition, the same families that started the company in 1957 keep Emerson Bearing Boston rolling by specializing in bearings for OEM and MRO markets throughout the world. Emerson Bearing Boston's 23,000 square foot facility houses bearings ranging in size from 3mm to tunnel-boring 15-foot-diameter giants. The company provides solutions to a variety of industries including: aggregate, concrete, mining, machine tools, electric motor repair, marine, material handling, metal processing, packaging, food processing, paper converting, printing, wind/power generation, recreation, heavy construction, robotics, automation, transportation, wood products, wastewater treatment, pump, compressor and oil field.

With an online product catalog with over 3 million bearings; a vast inventory of bearings; worldwide sourcing; a fixed price program; a knowledgeable staff dedicated to delivering; same day shipping and 24/7 service, Emerson Bearing Boston has become the leading provider of bearings to OEM and MRO markets in the U.S. They are the sister company of Action Bearing. Company headquarters are located at 201 Brighton Ave. Boston, MA. For more information, contact 617-782-1400 or toll free, 800-225-4587, email info@emersonbearing.com or visit www.emersonbearing.com.

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