Emerson Bearing Biomedical Division Stands Boston Strong with Prosthetics Niche

BOSTON, MA — Long before the Boston Marathon bombing, Emerson Bearing, providers of bearing and related products for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) markets throughout the U.S. and internationally, served prosthetics companies through its Robotic and Automation Division. Post-bombing, the company has doubled its efforts in serving prosthetics companies by creating a Prosthetics department within its Robotics and Automation division.

"As a Boston-based company, the senseless tragedy at the Boston Marathon really hit home, with the bombing being but a few short miles from our headquarters," said Steve Katz, president of Emerson Bearing. "The creation of the prosthetics division gives us a great opportunity to serve many of those victims who received their prosthetic limbs from our client, BiOM. Not to mention the wounded veterans from the last dozen years of conflict overseas."

Led by industry solutions expert, Rick Piracini, Emerson Bearing's knowledgeable prosthetics team assists clients in determining which bearing technologies would be most suitable (Control bearings are ball bearings that allow the client to replicate the movement of the ankle). This starts by taking into consideration the specifications, recommendations, maintenance strategies, fatigue life and wear resistance of the bearing in relation to the prosthetic.

As part of the robotics and automation division, all prosthetics bearings receive the highest scrutiny for effectiveness and durability. All movements have to be supported with extremely high precision and reliability in every axis. This provides smooth running, high load capacity, rigidity and long life.

The ball bearings, miniature instrumentation bearings and linear motion bearings used for prosthetics are also utilized in a number of other biomedical applications, including clinical and imaging equipment such as centrifuges, X-ray and CT scan equipment, hospital room carts and hospital bed pulleys for lifting patients.

Emerson Bearing offers thin cross section, high capacity, ball bearings in radial, angular or four point contact styles. Plain bearings (bushings) for small radial or axial design envelopes, which are maintenance free, are available in metal backed style with a liner or thermoplastic with a composition to suit various needs: food grade, high load, dirty environment, etc. Emerson Bearing also provides off-the-shelf linear guidance for unique applications.

For more information for bearings for prosthetics, you can contact Rick Piracini in the Robotics and Automation division directly at 866-995-8765 or e-mail rickp@emersonbearing.com.

The Emerson Bearing Difference

In a proud tradition, the same families that started the company in 1957 keep Emerson Bearing rolling by specializing in bearings for OEM and MRO markets across the country. Emerson Bearing has a staff of 22 and a 23,000 square foot facility to provide bearings ranging in size from 3mm to tunnel-boring 15-foot-diameter giants.

Emerson Bearing offers customers a one-stop shopping experience. With an online product catalog with over 3 million bearings; a vast inventory of bearings; worldwide sourcing; a fixed price program; a knowledgeable staff dedicated to delivering; same day shipping and 24/7 service, Emerson Bearing has become the leading provider of bearings to OEM and MRO markets in the U.S. Emerson Bearing maintains headquarters at 201 Brighton Ave. Boston, MA. For more information, contact 617-782-1400 or toll free, 800-225-4587, emailinfo@emersonbearing.com or visit www.emersonbearing.com.

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