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Emergency System helps provide safer living for elderly.

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Oct 24, 2003 - GE CareGard Home Emergency Call System is activated by pressing one button worn on wrist. Wireless emergency alarm transmits emergency signal to base station located in user's home. If programmed for Neighbor Call option, unit notifies neighbors or nearby relatives of emergency. If programmed for Help Center Service, unit notifies Criticom's 24-hour Help Center service. System includes 2-way speakerphone.

Safer Independent Living - Oregon City, OR

Original Press Release

Safer Independent Living For the Elderly

Press release date: Oct 20, 2003

Button worn on the wrist dials for help in an emergency

PORTLAND, OREGON - October 20, 2003 - A senior living alone often fears being trapped at home in an emergency. Safer Independent Living introduces the GE CareGard Home Emergency Call System - the button worn on the wrist that dials for help! If an elderly person living alone has a fall, is hurt, is incapacitated or is otherwise unable to move, a simple press of the Help Button worn on the wrist can bring help right away.

The Help Button is a wireless emergency alarm. When the button is pushed, it transmits an emergency signal to the GE CareGard base station located in the home. GE CareGard is two systems in one - a Neighbor Call system for dialing the neighbors in an emergency, and a Help Center system for calling the 24-hour Help Center.

If programmed for the Neighbor Call option, the GE CareGard will call neighbors or nearby relatives to alert them that there has been an emergency. If programmed for Help Center Service, the GE CareGard calls Criticom's 24-hour Help Center service. A trained Help Advisor answers the call, activates the GE CareGard's build-in two-way speakerphone, and can talk with the senior hands-free without the senior having to reach a telephone. Together they can decide whether to have the Help Advisor call a neighbor, call a nearby relative or friend, or call paramedics. The Help Advisor can stay on the speakerphone with the elderly person until help arrives.

GE CareGard is the only emergency call system on the market which can be programmed for either Neighbor Call or Help Center service. Neighbor Call is a free service, and Help Center service is less than $30 a month. Users can switch back and forth between Neighbor Call and Help Center service as their situation warrants. This flexibility makes the GE CareGard the economical solution for seniors living alone, and for relatives concerned about their safety.

Additional information on the GE CareGard is available online at, or toll-free at 1-888-321-1978.

Safer Independent Living is a division of Home Safety Systems, Inc. an Authorized Distributor of the GE Home Emergency Call System. Home Safety Systems, Inc. has partnered with Criticom International Corporation to offer 24-hour Help Center service. Visit Safer Independent Living on the web at For additional information contact: David Tyler, Marketing Manager, 503-631-2731.