Emergency Stop Pushbuttons feature all-in-one design.

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With all functions condensed into one unit, Compact Emergency Stop Pushbuttons are offered with 30 or 40 mm mushroom operating heads with twist, pull, or key release. Products have built-in depth of 42 mm and are available with 1 or 2 built-in, electrically separated, self-wiping contacts in various NO/NC configurations for E-Stop functions. Vandal-proof units are designed and approved to IEC 947-5-5 safety standard.

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New Compact Emergency Stop Pushbuttons!

ABB Launches new Emergency Stop Pushbutton range with "all-in-one" design

The new Compact Emergency Stop Pushbutton range is a powerful complement to ABB's competitive range of Compact Pilot Devices. The products have a "one-piece" design, which means that all functions are condensed into one single unit. There are no components that need to be matched or assembled. ABB's "one piece" design, with built in contacts, ensure safety and reliability in the most severe environments.

A complete range

The Compact Emergency Stop Pushbutton range comprises 30 mm or 40 mm mushroom operating heads with twist or pull release as well as key release. The pushbuttons can be ordered with one or two built-in electrically separated contacts; 1 Normally Open, 1 Normally Closed,, 2 Normally Closed or 1 Normally Open +1 Normally Closed. These contact configurations are the most common used for E-Stop functions.

The New Emergency Stop Pushbutton is an addition to our current Compact range of products that includes pushbuttons, two-position and three-position selector switches and pilot lights with a Ba9 socket or a built-in LED. The lights are available in ratings from 12 VDC to 220 VDC and 24 VAC to 230 VAC.

The Compact range can easily be combined with ABB's standard 22MM Modular range of pilot devices as the front design and the degree of environmental protection is the same for both ranges.


Choosing the correct Emergency Stop Pushbutton is critical to ensure personal safety in your installation. The new Compact Emergency Stop Pushbuttons are designed and approved according to the new safety standard IEC 947-5-5 and meets the demands from the Machine Directive and its reference standard EN 60204 (Safety of machinery).

The low built-in depth (42 mm) saves space and the self-wiping contacts guarantees perfect electrical connection, even after long usage in tough environments. Durability tests ensure a minimum mechanical life of 50,000 operations. ABB's Emergency Stop Pushbuttons are vandal proof, which means that the function is always guaranteed, which is important in public environments.

The built-in contact blocks ensures the contacts will function reliably. On conventional E-Stop pushbuttons, the contacts are typically snapped in place. This can result in improper installation or separation from the actuator, making the machine unsafe to operate. The ABB New Compact E-Stop Pushbuttons have the contacts permanently attached to the actuator and there is no possibility for improper installation or separation from the actuator.

For tough industrial environments

The new Compact Emergency Stop Pushbuttons have the same robust design and high environmental protection class (IP 66 and UL Type 4X), as ABB's standard Compact and Modular designs. ABB Compact and Modular Pilot Devices are developed for indoor and outdoor use. ABB has done extensive testing to ensure that the products can withstand environmental influences such as heat, cold, moisture and salty atmospheres.

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