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Emerald Projector features scratch-resistant finishing.

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Emerald Projector features scratch-resistant finishing.

Jan 23, 2017 -

Available RGBW or dynamic white color, Emerald Projector is equipped with thermally isolated LED driver. Product is operated in -40°F to 122°F temperature with input voltage from 120v through 277v at 50/60Hz. Luminaire measures 17.2 in. wide x 9.8 in. high with depth of 4.6 in. and produces rotationally 7°, 11°, 21°, 43°, or 68° symmetric beam widths. Consuming 104 W of power, product meets IP66 and CSA standards.

Original Press Release

Griven USA Emerald Projector for Architectural Lighting in RGBW or Dynamic white

Press release date: Jan 01, 2017

New Product Introduction: EMERALD – versatile, surface-mount luminaire for architectural lighting applications where colored illumination or dynamic white light is desired.

Design: Griven, S.r.l. of Italy.

Manufacturer: Griven USA, a member of the Nordeon-Group.

Product Applications: EMERALD creates atmosphere through dramatic lighting effects for a wide range of architecture. It is well suited for accenting and illuminating building facades, and architectural features, such as bridges, landmarks; memorials, monuments, statuary and other large structures.

Product Description: EMERALD is a rectangular projector with 60 high power LEDs in RGBW or dynamic white. Static white light in warm or cool color temperatures is also available. The luminaire delivers exceptional versatility through a well-rounded selection of light distributions combined with several electronic control options.

EMERALD offers a choice of five rotationally symmetric distributions or two elliptical beam patterns. Symmetric distributions are available in spot, narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide beam spreads. Elliptical or elliptical wide beams may be specified in either horizontal or vertical orientations to satisfy varying lighting requirements such as wide facades or vertical columns. A range of optional light control accessories including barn doors, glare shields, louvers, or spread diffusing film are available on request.

EMERALD is equipped with an integral thermally isolated LED driver for enhanced longevity. The luminaire accepts input voltage from 120v through 277v at 50/60Hz for simplified installation. RGBW and dynamic white models include on-board controls, accessed by a capacitive touch screen on the face of the luminaire. Programming choices include stand-alone automatic sequencing, master-satellite operation, or interface with an external DMX controller. The luminaire has a continuous dimming range from 1% to 100%. Automatic over-temperature protection and self-resetting fuse are standard.

Options include a proprietary Polar Edition for areas where snow and ice are prevalent. The Polar Edition integral de-icing system enables EMERALD to illuminate unhindered despite snow and ice. Custom mounting solutions are also available on request. All hardware is stainless steel.

Construction & Finishes: Housing for EMERALD is die-cast from low copper aluminum alloy. The luminaire measures 17.2" wide x 9.8" high with an overall depth of 4.6". The adjustable yoke is fabricated from steel and allows surface mounting to the ground, walls or ceiling. The lens is clear tempered glass. The luminaire has a scratch-resistant polyester powder coat finish. All hardware is stainless steel.

The individual LEDs are fitted with precision lenses to produce rotationally symmetric beam widths of 7°, 11°, 21°, 43°, or 68°. Elliptical beam spreads may 41° horizontal by 9° vertical, or 38° horizontal by 20° vertical. The elliptical beam spreads may be specified in horizontal or vertical orientations.

The thermally isolated, high power factor electronic driver accepts input voltage from 120v through 277v at 50/60Hz. Operating temperature range is -40°F to 122°F (-40°C to 50°C). Power consumption is 104 watts. The IP66 luminaire is CSA Certified to US and Canadian standards for Wet Locations.

Contact Information: Literature and specifications for EMERALD, or other original-design outdoor architectural lighting products, are available by contacting Griven USA, P.O. Box 28, Gaffney, SC 29342. Telephone: (864) 487-3535. Fax: (864) 487-3175. Email: Visit Griven online at:


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