EMCO Wheaton Canada Meets Increased Demand for Spill-Free Fluid Transfer Products

Emco Wheaton Canada has stepped up its ability to supply a wide range of DRY-BREAK couplings after identifying a growing need due to increased shale gas discoveries on the continent.

The organization is stocking its shelves with both Emco Wheaton and TODO products meaning lead times are shorter and clients are able to receive their equipment quicker.

General Manager of Emco Wheaton Americas Darren Sabino said he and his team are especially aware of the need for spill-free transfer in low pressure applications such as DEF or Urea transfer and in loading and unloading of trucks and railcars.

"Our range provides the largest collection of styles and materials to suite a range of working conditions and allows for spill-free disconnection and improved safety. By speeding up our delivery we are able to help our clients increase their profit margins," Darren said.

The company is also meeting the needs of operators working with high pressure applications such as the transfer of LPG to supply ships, chemical plant applications and solvent transfer.

Support for aftermarket has also been stepped up including improved availability of repair kits to ensure the long-term performance of Emco Wheaton products.

"With plants in Louisiana expanding their ability to produce petrochemicals from natural gas and discoveries of shale gas reserves resulting in an increase in product transfer, we have made sure we can match customers' changing needs. With a quicker turnaround time and an improved aftermarket service, our customers are well positioned to exploit these new opportunities," added Darren.

Emco Wheaton Canada's actions cement the organization's continued dedication to customer care by ensuring they have sufficient access to the latest technology.

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Emco Wheaton has been a supplier of fluid transfer systems and accessories for more than 100 years. From the top loading and bottom loading of single or multi-compartment trailer trucks and rail cars, to more complex marine loading systems capable of handling a multitude of liquids including bio fuels, we always have the best solutions.

Our product portfolio includes top loading and unloading arms and bottom loading and unloading arms for road and rail applications as well as a wide range of marine loading and unloading arms, loading arm accessories and specialty loading arms. We also manufacture a complete range of tank truck components and tank truck systems.

In addition we manufacture gantry access equipment such as folding stairways, safety cages and protective grating systems; floating suctions for storage tanks; fueling systems for fast, spill-free fueling of transit buses and other fleet vehicles, locomotives, aircraft, helicopters and for mining and off-highway applications.

We also provide a comprehensive range of DRY-BREAK couplings and DRY-BREAK adapters; API couplers and safety release systems.

With a global network of trained technicians, distributors and representatives, we endeavor to provide our customers superior service, ensuring successful installation and long-term operation of the systems and products supplied.

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