EMCO Plastics Specializes in Extrusion Welding

Emco Plastics, Cedar Grove NJ, one of the nation's leading industrial plastics distributors, also specializes in extrusion welding. Extrusion welding is a welding procedure predominantly realized manually by using continuous fed-in additive. Extrusion welding is similar to hot gas welding, except that the filler material is separately heated in an extruder. The melted material is then extruded through a PTFE die into the joint. The joint is pre-heated using a hot gas nozzle mounted on the extruder barrel.

Most DSM thermoplastics can be extrusion welded. For optimum weld strength, the welding rod must be made from the same material as the substrate. Components with a wall thickness up to 30mm can be joined in one work step. The procedure is mainly used in engineering, container, and pipe manufacturing, civil engineering and canalization, and the building industry and is used for groundwater protection in landfills.

Emco Plastics has over 80 years combined experience and is proficient in welding materials such as PVC Type I and Type II, C.P.V.C, polypropylene, hi-density and low density polyethylene, ultra high molecular weight U.H.M.W polyethylene, and Kynar.

For more information about Extrusion Welding please call one of our sales reps at 1-800-292-9906 or visit our website www.emcoplastics.com

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