EMC Immunity Tester meets all IEC/EN testing standards.

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Modula portable EMC test system allows individual function modules to be assembled to meet testing demands. It provides generation of interference pulses such as burst and surge, as well as power quality simulations. Wireless remote control enables user to operate system from standing or sitting position. Modula utilizes Interbus as internal and external interface to every function unit and produces test reports online in editable form.

Original Press Release:

Modular EMC Testing System from Schaffner Provides Economical, Efficient, And Highly Flexible Operation

Edison, NJ, August 2003 - Schaffner EMC, Inc. has introduced a new, modular system for conducted EMC immunity testing that combines ease of use and functionality with a high degree of flexibility. The new Modula EMC test system meets all IEC/EN testing standards, while providing an extremely cost-effective approach to EMC testing that enables users to purchase only the modules needed, and allows for future expandability and additional testing capability.

The new Modula is based on an open architecture concept that allows individual function modules to be assembled as necessary to meet testing demands and standards. Standard system functions include the generation of classic interference pulses such as burst and surge, as well as power quality simulations. Users may add supplementary functions at any time; a freely available command structure and communications protocol allows upgrades to be achieved easily, with minimum expenditure.

The new Schaffner EMC test system has a unique wireless remote control capability that enables users to operate the system from a standing or sitting position, for when the test generator must be placed on the floor due to Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) cabling and reference ground plane requirements. Unlike other conducted immunity test systems, the Modula's cable-free optical control link allows the system components to be readily operated from the comfort of a laboratory desk via a hand-held remote controller.

The Modula is compact, lightweight and truly portable, with a built-in carry handle. One person can easily move the system from floor to bench, or out of the lab to the installation site, versus other compact systems that typically require two people.

The Modula system increases the efficiency of work performed in a test laboratory. Operation is easy and intuitive, with simplified test tasks performed through pre-programmed test routines. The system produces test reports online in an editable form, to lighten the administrative load of the test engineer.

The Modula test system utilizes Interbus as the internal and external interface to every function unit; Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol for the PC and network links provide the ideal basis for customer expansion or integrating the system into existing automation concepts.

Industrial quality, IEC-compatible connectors are used on the equipment and EUT side to meet all laboratory and manufacturing safety requirements. The Modula's test management and control software are based on LabView, providing expanded functionality for the user.

Pricing for a Modula EMC test system starts at $12,500. Delivery is 4 to 8 weeks ARO.

For more information, please contact MaryJane Salvador, Schaffner EMC, Inc., 52 Mayfield Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837. Tel: (732) 225-9533 ext.239; Fax: (732) 225-4789; E-mail: usasales@schaffner.com. Web: www.schaffner.com.

Schaffner EMC, Inc., provides the world's largest range of EMI
components, EMC instrumentation and test systems for radiated and conducted interference, and advanced power supply test systems.

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