Embedded Software Testing Solution offers many coverage measures.

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Used for automated unit/module/integration testing of embedded software, TESSY v3.1 delivers coverage measures — Entry Point, Statement, Decision, Function — that help adhere to requirements of different standards regarding functional safety. Solution also features automatic generation of test cases from given values as well as ability to add/remove notes to elements. Other features include interface to winIDEA, support for renumbering of test cases, and optimized command line interface.

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TESSY 3.1 Features Additional Coverage Measures

The new version 3.1 of TESSY, the tool for automated unit / module / integration testing of embedded software, features additional coverage measures and can also generate test cases from given values.

With the additional coverage measures TESSY adheres better to the requirements of different standards with respect to functional safety. The new coverage measures are Entry Point Coverage (for instance in IEC 61508 highly recommended for SIL 1 applications), Decision Coverage (required by DO-178B/C on level B), and Function Coverage (recommended for instance by ISO 26262 for software integration testing). Furthermore, TESSY allows determining Statement Coverage, a measure mentioned in several standards.

The automatic generation of test cases is done by specifying several single values respectively ranges of values for input variables. From this TESSY generates test cases for all combinations of the input values. This provides a comfortable means for test case generation.

New in TESSY 3.1 is the ability to add notes to elements like requirements, test objects or test cases (and also to remove them). This enables easy management of to-do lists or to give hints on special facts.

Furthermore, TESSY 3.1 features renumbering of test cases to close gaps which are created by deleting test cases.

TESSY 3.1 also integrates an improved command line interface. This enables TESSY to be used for “continuous integration”. Different to the hitherto solution the graphical user interface is not longer needed for command line execution (“TESSY headless”).

TESSY 3.1 allows user-defined names for the test reports generated by TESSY. Using place holders, TESSY can incorporate e.g. project names or the current date in the file name.

TESSY 3.1 can execute tests which are created by the model-based test generating tool MBTsuite from the company sepp.med. TESSY enables hereby the execution of the test on different microcontroller target hardware using the most common cross compilers.

TESSY 3.1 features an interface to winIDEA from company iSYSTEM. Using this interface, TESSY 3.1 can be used to perform unit tests on the unchanged user application (Original Binary Test, OBT). This combination allows using the comfortable test data input and management features of TESSY together with the test execution on the target hardware by winIDEA.

TESSY is available from Hitex Development Tools GmbH.

More information: www.hitex.com/tessy

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