EMAG at CMTS 2017, Booth 2418!

At CMTS 2017, September 25-28 at the International Centre in Mississauga, ON - EMAG L.L.C. will feature a variety of our manufacturing systems for precision metal components.

The modular VL Series for chucked components will be on display, with our VL 4 machine, for visitors to experience the successful EMAG modular inverted vertical lathe design. With the goal to develop a system of modular machines geared for use in the manufacturing of medium and large batch runs, EMAG offers flexible solutions on a standard machining platform. Our VL and VT machining lines both feature our modular machine design. Their small footprint reduces floor space costs and increases flexibility in floor layout options. Every VL and VT machine also features an integrated automation system for transporting workpieces. When combined with the self-loading pick-up spindles, this automation concept ensures short cycle times and high productivity. To accommodate machine operators, all the service units are easily within reach, with the various units (electrics, hydraulics, cooling system, cooling lubricant and central lubrication system) accessible at any time so that the machines can be maintained with ease. While the standard lathes are commonly used for gear blanks, a wide range of technologies can be incorporated into the machines, including turning, grinding, hobbing, chamfering, induction hardening and laser welding. (More information at vl-vt.emag.com)

During CMTS, we'll also be showcasing our eldec MIND M 250 machine. This machine is a compact hardening system for the basic heat treatment of chucked parts and shafts, provided by the eldec group of EMAG. With this machine, heat treatment tasks are performed at 30 kW in high frequency applications and 100 kW in medium frequency, and are perfect for workpieces up to 10kg (22 lbs.). Check it out live, by stopping by the booth!

The technologies in the EMAG Group cover the entire spectrum of metalworking - including non-traditional processes. Laser welding is essential in the light weighting of automotive components while electro-chemical machining (ECM) is a broaching and deburring option. In addition to the VL 4, EMAG will have an eldec induction hardening system with a modular induction (MIND) machine at the show. Featuring Simultaneous Dual Frequency (SDF) technology where two different frequencies are applied to the workpiece, MIND machines can apply mid-frequencies to penetrate deeper and heat the root of the gear tooth simultaneous to high frequencies to accurately heat the tip of the tooth. eldec hardening systems compliment the workpieces machined by EMAG lathes to create efficient, complete production lines. The flexible machine concepts and complete systems from EMAG offer modular and customized solutions for the production of workpieces in nearly every industry. We look forward to welcoming you to booth 2418!

About EMAG:

The EMAG Group covers the entire spectrum of machining processes in the metalworking industry. Whether chucked components or shafts, the companies under the EMAG umbrella offer the latest technological advances in order to optimize a manufacturing solution that satisfies every customer's requirement. EMAG is a trendsetter in the field of vertical turning and multi-functional production machines with a variety of technology centers allowing EMAG to be an important partner in the realization of manufacturing solutions for the production of transmission, engine and chassis workpieces, as well as for the OCTG components and coupling threads of the oil field industry and exotic materials used in the aerospace industry. The leader in inverted vertical pick-up lathes, EMAG has integrated its pick-up principle into a wide array of technology-specific machines offering world-class manufacturing with a minimal footprint, short chip-to-chip times and top quality. Our focus is on complete processes that allow the customer to machine everything in a single set-up.

EMAG Group Technologies

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Hobbing
  • Laser Welding
  • Electro-Chemical Machining
  • Induction Hardening
  • Heat Shrink Assembly
  • Skiving

The German based company is an important partner in the realization of complete manufacturing lines world-wide with offices around the globe. Their US representation is located in Metro-Detroit.


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