Elmasonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

Tovatech is pleased to announce a special offer on their top selling Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners. The Elmasonic S ultrasonic cleaner operates in 3 modes: Sweep, Degas, and Normal. Cleaning is optimized in Sweep mode. Sweep guarantees a homogeneous sound field by continuously shifting the sound field maxima. Fresh cleaning liquid does not clean efficiently until fully degassed, as dissolved gas suppresses cavitation. The Degas function accelerates the degassing process in the cleaning liquid. In Normal mode the Elmasonic S mixes, disperses, emulsifies, and dissolves samples. 3-Mode operation in benchtop units is unique to Elma.

Using Autostart, the ultrasonics begin running after the bath reaches the set temperature. Autodegas runs the unit in pulsed mode for 10 minutes to remove gas bubbles from the cleaning solution before switching to sweep mode for cleaning. Autodegas is recommended before starting the cleaning process. These automated features enable controlled, stable processes. The LED shows the set temperature, actual temperature, set cleaning period, and time remaining. For safety reasons the unit switches off after 12 hours.

An Elmasonic cleaning unit is available in 13 different sizes from 0.5 liter to 90 liter. Our accessories will be appreciated as soon as they are used. Elmasonic S accessories include baskets with plastic coated handles, clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks, acid-proof tanks, and holders for 1 liter HPLC solvent flasks (for HPLC solvent degassing). Elma's noise-reducing cover can be flipped over and used as a tray and drip-off basin. The collected cleaning liquid can be conveniently emptied back into the tank.

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