Eliminate Static the EASY Way with Simco-Ion's IQ Easy

Hatfield, PA – Simco-Ion is excited to introduce a new level of static neutralizing with IQ Easy. The IQ Easy system pairs a neutralizing and sensor bar, offering a true closed-loop static solution based on multiple patented features. The heart of the system is the IQ Easy Manager. This control unit provides direct ionization output monitoring, target charge level monitoring, as well as maintenance and fault indicators for up to 6 devices. All information is clearly displayed on the IQ Easy Manager’s 7” LCD touchscreen with color codes making it easily visible from a distance. The Manager makes it easy to fully control all parameters across the system. Data logging is also available.

The IQ Easy system includes two varieties of static neutralizing bars, a sensor bar, and the Manager. All are equipped with the unique feature of 24V DC supply voltage. This combination of components and technologies offers unprecedented static neutralizing performance and simplified installation with low voltage wiring. You can rely on Simco-Ion’s IQ Easy system to help you control static the easy way!

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Simco-Ion is the worldwide leader in static control technology, offering custom solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. With a focus on continuous improvement, Simco-Ion is dedicated to developing advanced products designed to improve productivity through enhanced system performance and operation. Worldwide sales support provides unsurpassed customer service and application analysis that continues to drive product excellence. Simco-Ion is part of Illinois Tool Works Company, a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered components, industrial systems and consumables with annual revenues of $14.5 billion. The Company consists of approximately 800 business units in 57 countries and employs some 49,000 people.

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