Eliminate Boring Head Repair Costs

With Techniks High Performance LT Grade Inserts

Boring range from 0.135in. up to 40.157 inch.

Techniks is introducing a lifetime warranty program that can virtually eliminate boring head repairs.

Techniks boring heads  now come with this lifetime warranty:

"We will either replace or repair the head if it fails for ANY reason, (even crashing the spindle) for as long as you own the head and are using our high-performance inserts."

Why are they doing this?


Techniks will provide this warranty to protect your tooling investment AND so you can experience the improved productivity Swiss-made inserts provide.

Techniks LT grade PVD inserts are both harder and tougher than other brands.  That is why the provide unmatched performance on all materials.

LT1000 grade inserts are an excellent choice for cutting all ferrous materials, and LT05 grade is outstanding for cutting aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.

What you can expect from Techniks boring tools.

These European made boring tools have been proven world wide to be among the best you can buy. Machinists love these boring tools because they are easy-to-setup, dead nuts accurate, and stand up to the toughest challenges. Techniks' application specialists are so confident that once you try their boring tools you will become a regular customer.

The lifetime warranty applies to all sizes and types of boring heads

BohrSTAR Kits


The easy way to get started is with BohrSTAR kits. All this results in quality, reliability, and ease-of-use features that make setups and adjustment a snap for a wide range of bore diameters.

Boring Range: 0.314" - 8.27" (8mm - 209mm)

Dial adjustable 0.0001" increments

Includes everything you need. (Toolholders sold separately)

And right away, you get ....

Longer insert life

Better surface finish

Faster speeds feeds        

There are four Pinzbohr boring tool kit sizes available to get you started with either triangular or rhombic inserts. 

Main components are manufactured from nickel-chrome alloy steel and hardened to 58-60 HRC and precision ground moving parts for accuracy and smooth adjustments.

More BohrSTAR Boring Kit Information

High Performance Boring Inserts


Techniks Swiss-made inserts feature a unique and highly controlled manufacturing process,specifically designed from the ground up to provide unmatched performance in ALL Materials.

This means:

less down time spent changing tools

up to 50% fewer wasted inserts

significantly increased productivity

Call Industry Depot with your specific requirements

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