Elemental LED Rises to the Top of the Strip Lighting Market

High quality, comprehensive inventory and a multi-faceted approach to customer support make Elemental LED a primary resource for strip lighting solutions.

San Francisco, CA - Elemental LED, a San Francisco based LED lighting company, is now a top strip lighting resource for consumers nationwide. The versatile selection of premium LED strip lighting products offered by Elemental LED positions the company as a reliable resource. By offering a wide range of customer support options and education efforts, including on-call experts and web-based tutorials, the company has made it easy for its customers to accessorize and install LED strip lights in numerous applications.

Premium Components

Elemental LED consistently provides high quality products that are manufactured using only top-of-the-line, cutting edge components. Both outsourced products and those that are engineered in-house are built for lasting performance. All products are comprehensively tested and often improved upon in the company's laboratories before going to market. All of the strip lighting products offered by Elemental LED, except the waterproof varieties, contain a strong 3M adhesive backing, the highest quality source on the market.

Practical Features

Flexible LED strip lights contain cut points every one to two inches, making them customizable and easy to conceal. LED strips offer a seamless glow with a 120° to 140° beam angle, are dimmable using a 12V dimmable driver and typically use less than 2 watts of energy per foot. They are sold in spools, by the foot and in plug-n-play kits that contain all other necessary accessories for set up. All LED strip lights are rated to last for at least 50,000 hours.

Comprehensive Selection

Following are the most popular strip lighting products offered by Elemental LED:

o Flexible LED Strip Light: Adaptable, efficient and discreet, the original flexible LED strip light emits 78 lumens and contains 18 bulbs per foot. This product is ideal for under cabinet, exhibit and task lighting applications. Available in neutral white or warm white.

o Brighter Flexible LED Strip Light: Twice as bright as the regular flexible LED Strip Light, this strip emits 130 lumens per foot, contains an LED every 1.2 inches and uses only 2.16 watts of electricity per foot. Available in neutral white or warm white.

o High Density Flexible LED Strip Light : This strip utilizes high power SMD LEDs to make a brighter, more affordable lighting solution. It contains 36 bulbs per foot and is available in a range of colors and a brighter option, which emits 270 lumens per foot.

o Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light: This LED strip includes the same adaptable features as its indoor counterparts, but can be brought outside for any backyard, pond, fountain or boating application. It is fully submersible in fresh water but it cannot be used in chlorinated or salt water. Warm white, neutral white and brighter versions available.

o RGB Color-changing LED Strip Light: This LED strip is well suited for creating artistic interiors, accent lighting, display lighting and ambiance. It can fit in nearly any nook or corner and carefully mixes varying intensities of red, green and blue light to create nearly any color imaginable. Also available in high-density.

o Waterproof RGB LED Strip Light: Color-changing capabilities are brought outdoors with this strip, which is ideal for gardens, backyard accent lighting and cove lighting. Also available in high-density.

o Low Output Flexible LED Strip Light by the foot: This LED strip is ideal for situations that call for lower light levels, like wine cellars, theaters and fine art galleries and for illuminating pathways, stairs and railings.

o Flexible LED Strip Lights in Solid Colors: These LED Strip Lights work well for creating ambiance, promoting a business or holiday and for indoor gardening projects. Available in amber, blue, red, pink, purple and green.

Installation and Accessory Guidance

Elemental LED offers its shoppers extensive customer support that makes choosing accessories and installing LED strip lights a simple process. Customer support phone and live chat lines are staffed by LED experts from 8am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday. Customers can submit questions related to specific products using corresponding online FAQ forms and receive an answer from a knowledgeable representative within 24 hours. The LEDucation section of the website offers an interactive online community center where customers can share DIY projects, read step-by-step installation tutorials, watch videos and ask questions.

For more information about Elemental LED and LED strip lighting, please visit www.elementalled.com.


Charlotte Dick, Marketing Coordinator



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