Electrostatic/Resistance Meter Kit offers industrial uses.

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Supplied in portable, all-in-one carrying case, Electrostatic Discharge Audit Kit  (Model 511/1501) includes Trek Ionizer Kit (Model 511 Electrostatic Field Meter with charger and charge plate) and Model 1501 Surface Resistance Meter. Technical capabilities provided by kit help operators and auditors increase efficiency on production floor. Areas of use include manufacturing environments where electrostatics/discharge is issue of concern.

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TREK, INC. to Introduce ESD Audit Kit at 2013 EOS/ESD Symposium in Las Vegas

MEDINA, N.Y. -- TREK, INC., a designer and manufacturer of high-voltage power amplifiers and high-performance electrostatic instruments, sensors and monitors, will introduce its new Electrostatic Discharge Audit Kit  – Model 511/1501 – at the 2013 EOS/ESD Symposium and Exhibition, September 9 – 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Visit Trek at Booth #310 for more information.

Trek's versatile ESD Audit Kit includes Trek's Ionizer Kit (Model 511 Electrostatic Field Meter with charger and charge plate) and Model 1501 Surface Resistance Meter, all in a compact carrying case. The ESD Audit Kit provides numerous technical capabilities in a user-friendly, portable, all-in-one case, helping operators and auditors to be more efficient on the production floor.

Industries that will benefit from utilizing Trek's ESD Audit Kit include those with manufacturing environments where electrostatics/discharge can cause havoc, such as in electronics, flat panels, photovoltaics, plastic/polymer/film processing and semiconductors.

Specific applications for Model 511/1501 include air ionizer verification, electrostatic decay auditing and monitoring, testing of floor materials and systems, and resistance measurement (surface, volume, two-point) of work surfaces, static dissipative materials and seating.

Trek's Model 511 Electrostatic Field Meter is a user-friendly, portable, chopper stabilized, non-contacting electrostatic field meter designed for measuring and auditing electrostatic fields in ESD-sensitive areas in order to avoid/prevent electrostatic problems. It can operate at two ranges (0 to +/-2 kV per inch or 0 to +/-20 kV per inch) and obtains accurate measurements in ionized or non-ionized environments. When utilized with its charger and charge plate (as an Ionizer Test Kit) Model 511 can be used for testing balance and +/- decay capabilities of ionizers. The unit complies with ANSI/ESD SP3.3. Refer to the specification sheet for details.

The Model 1501 Surface Resistance Meter is a lightweight, hand-held, auto-ranging surface resistance tester. It offers a measurement range from 10E+3 Ohms to 10E+12 Ohms. Measured values are displayed and can be stored in the internal memory.  Trek's Model 1501 software (included) provides easy access, display and export of data collected. The unit complies with several IEC and ANSI/ESD standards. Refer to the specification sheet for details.

Model 511/1501 ESD Audit Kit Product Information:    www.trekinc.com/products/ESDAuditKit.asp

Model 511/1501 ESD Audit Kit Specification Sheet:   www.trekinc.com/pdf/ESDAuditSales.pdf

Model 511 Specification Sheet:   www.trekinc.com/pdf/511Sales.pdf

Model 1501 Specification Sheet:   www.trekinc.com/pdf/1501Sales.pdf

Additional Information: email sales@trekinc.com or call USA +1-585-798-3140. Toll free in USA: 1-800-FOR-TREK.

NOTE:  Trek's contact information will be changing in mid-July 2013. Check http://www.trekinc.com/ for updates.

The EOS/ESD Symposium is an annual international technical forum on electrical overstress and electrostatic discharge.


TREK, INC. (http://www.trekinc.com/) designs, manufactures and sells high-voltage amplifiers, power supplies & generators and high performance electrostatic measurement instruments, sensors & monitors to the global marketplace. Trek's standard and custom products are used: (1) by OEMs involved in semiconductor manufacturing, electrophotography, photovoltaic/solar and many other industries; (2) in applications sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD); and (3) by companies/universities involved in a variety of research applications.

CONTACT: Brian Carmer, brian.carmer@trekinc.com , Mobile: +1-585-590-0733

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