Electrostatic Replacement Filter suits OEM applications.

Press Release Summary:

Air Boss® ES CELL-G is a dual-voltage, electrostatic replacement unicell that captures airborne particles as small as 0.01 micron with up to 95% DOP efficiency. It features high-voltage standoff ceramic insulators and spiked ionizer blades instead of wires. Consuming 75 W max at 120 Vac, unit features ionizer voltage range of 10-12 KVdc and collector voltage range of 5-6 KVdc. Max airflow temperature through cells is 140°F and max cell washing temperature is 160°F.

Original Press Release:

Trion Introduces Air Boss® ES Cell-G Generic Electrostatic Replacement Unicell

Sanford, North Carolina, August__, 2004 - Trion Inc., a division of Fedders Engineered Products, introduces the Air Boss® ES CELL-G, a dual-voltage, high-performance electrostatic replacement unicell that is ideal for original equipment manufactured by others. The ES CELL-G captures airborne particles as small as 0.01 micron with up to 95% D.O.P. efficiency.

"The Airboss® ES CELL-G enables users of electrostatic precipitators to reap the benefits of Trion technology," says Dave Bubb, Trion's Director of Representative Sales. "The ES CELL-G's durability, maintenance and compatibility with non-Trion equipment makes it an excellent option for everyone who needs to replace an electrostatic unicell filter."

Key features and benefits include: 1) Spiked ionizer blades instead of wires, increasing performance and serviceability; 2) Highest-quality high voltage standoff ceramic insulators for improved reliability; 3) Efficiency standards that equal or exceed all equipment design requirements.

Airboss® ES CELL-G Unicell specifications include: Power Consumption of 75 W max @ 120 VAC; Ionizer Voltage Range of 10-12 KVDC; Collector Voltage Range of 5-6 KVDC; Maximum Airflow Temperature Through Cells of 140°F (60°C); Maximum Cell Washing Temperature of 160°F (71°C); Weight of 39 lbs. (17.7 kg) per Electronic Unicell; and Dimensions of 20.69 inches (52.5 cm) in width, 14.13 inches (35.8 cm) in length, and 18.43 inches (46.8 cm) in height.

How Electrostatic Precipitation Works
With an electronic air cleaner, air is drawn into the unit and passes through a pre-filter to capture large particles. The airborne particles then pass through an electronic field and receive an electrical charge. The charged particles move into a collector section, which attracts and collects the particles. The remaining air, cleaned of up to 95% of its impurities, is then returned to the plant or building.

Fedders Engineered Products is a division of Fedders Corporation (NYSE: FJC), Liberty Corner, NJ, a leading global manufacturer of air treatment products and systems, including air cleaners, air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and thermal technology products for commercial, industrial and residential markets. Trion products are manufactured in Sanford, NC, and Suzhou, China. For more information, contact Beth Marotta, Fedders Corporation, at 908.604.8686, x4276, orbmarotta@fedders.com, or visit the Trion website at www.trioninc.com.

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