ElectronicTruck Scale offers 100,000 lb CLC/DTAC rating.

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Available in portable and aboveground permanent models, Titan Steel Deck Truck Scale utilizes rocker column load cells as load receiving elements. Load cells are hermetically sealed with glass-to-metal welds, which create seal that is impervious to moisture intrusion. Stainless steel cable jacket protects against rodents and fraying. Using digital signal, Intalogix(TM) Technology eliminates voltage spikes and surges from lightning strikes.

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Fairbanks Scales Introduces a Fully Electronic Steel Deck Truck Scale

Kansas City, MO -- Fairbanks Scales introduces a powerful line of truck scales destined to change the industry. The release of the Titan Steel Deck truck scale turned out to be an event that has been the topic of conversation around every office water cooler. The audacity of a 100,000 lb CLC/DTAC rating demonstrates that this is an extremely confident scale with few limitations. The simple fact that a 70 x 10 Titan has a steel weight of 33,000 lb proves that Fairbanks spared no expense when designing this scale.

Not only is the Titan offered in an above ground permanent scale, but it also comes in a portable model which offers the same features and benefits of the Titan above ground scale. Also, we offer the Fairbanks "PV on the Spot" rental program that ensures you will never be left without a certified scale.

All Titan steel deck truck scales utilize rocker column load cells as the load receiving elements. This advanced proven technology is the corner stone of Fairbanks long-established scale accuracy and durability. Our load cells are truly hermetically sealed with glass to metal welds which create a seal impervious to moisture intrusion. The entire load cell cable is armored with a stainless steel cable jacket for ultimate protection against rodents and fraying. Completely constructed out of stainless steel, the Titan load cell has a rated capacity of 100,000 lbs. with a 300% ultimate overload protection factor.

Fairbanks' exclusive Intalogix(TM) Technology is a standard feature with this line of truck scales. This Technology uses a digital signal that is more than 1,000,000 times stronger than conventional signals. Intalogix(TM) was designed to eliminate voltage spikes and surges from lighting strikes. This is accomplished by optically isolating each load cell and by electrically isolating the scale instrument from the scale platform. This state-of-the-art technology provides the best surge voltage protection available today.

For more than 170 years, Fairbanks Scales has met the world's weighing needs with dependable, high quality weighing equipment and superior service. Fairbanks' broad product line includes bench scales, counting scales, floor scales, truck scales, railroad track scales, weighing assemblies, batching instrumentation, indicators, intrinsically safe instrumentation, printers and complete weighing systems. To request more information or to obtain the name of the Fairbanks representative or authorized distributor nearest you, please call (800) 451-4107.

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