Electronics Tester offers 2 analog and 16 digital channels.

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Designed to verify analog voltage levels and digital logic used in electronics, USBee DX Test Pod attaches to PC using USB cable, and depending on PC application used, becomes collection of various electronic test tools. It provides click-and-drag instant decode of embedded bus transactions, digital voltmeter, data logger, digital signal generator, and pulse width modulator, as well as frequency counter, frequency generator, I2C controller, and pulse counter.

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CWAV'S USBEE DX TEST POD: View Embedded Bus Data with 16 Digital Channels and a 2 Channel Oscilloscope

TEMECULA, CA - OCTOBER 30, 2006 - CWAV, a Southern California-based electronics company, announced today the addition of the USBee DX Test Pod (DX) to its product family of PC based test pods that verify analog voltage levels and digital
logic used in electronics. The DX builds on CWAV's award-winning USBee AX Pro Test Pod and offers 2 analog and 16 digital channels, click and drag instant decode of embedded bus transactions (including I2C, SPI, ASYNC, CAN, USB low and full speed, I2S, SM-Bus, PS/2 and 1-Wire), digital voltmeter, data logger, digital signal generator, pulse width modulator, frequency counter, frequency generator, I2C Controller, and pulse counter. In addition, users are able to create applications to control the DX with the USBee Toolbuilder source code and library.

The DX offers engineers, students and home hobbyists a powerful and portable way to test and debug electronic products and designs. "The DX builds upon the AX Pro's success and offers additional features to help engineers test and control electronic
circuit designs quicker." says Tim Harvey, principal of CWAV.

"Decoding the data from many of the common embedded busses eliminates the time consuming task of counting bits and lets users debug their designs instead of reverse engineering bus protocols."

The DX is a compact device (exact size: 2.25" x 1.5" x .75") that attaches to a PC using a USB cable. Depending on the PC application used, the DX becomes a collection of various electronics test tools. The Oscilloscope/Logic Analyzer has 2 analog and 16 digital signals sampling 100 million samples at up to 24Msps and dual 8-bit ADCs for the /-10v inputs. Users can also Click-and-Drag to instantly decode embedded bus transactions (I2C, SPI, ASYNC, CAN, USB low and full speed, I2S, SM Bus, 1-Wire and PS/2).

Additionally, the DX includes a 2 channel, /-10V digital voltmeter, 16 digital and 2 analog channel data logger, 16 channel digital signal generator, 16 channel pulse width
modulator, 16 channel frequency counter, frequency generator that generates sets of common frequencies, I2C Controller to control I2C devices using simple text scripts, remote controller to easily control your hardware using a PC, 16 channel pulse counter
with gating control, and USBee Toolbuilder source code and library to create your own test tools.

The USBee DX Test Pod is priced at $1,495.00 and comes standard with all necessary cables, clips, leads, software, and accessories. The DX is compatible with USBee Data Extractor, CWAV's new software bundle for streaming and unlimited capture of USB, CAN, SYNC, SPI, I2C, I2S, SM Bus, 1-Wire, Parallel, Serial, and PS/2 bus traffic. The Data Extractor bundle is $1,995.00.

About CWAV
CWAV was honored with the 2006 EE Times Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Award for Ultimate Product of the Year in Test & Measurement for their USBee AX Test Pod. ACE
Awards recognize electronics engineering's most innovative companies and technologies as determined by large-scale peer review. EE Times publisher and editor in chief Brian Fuller commented, "CWAV's USBee AX Test Pod won 2006's Ultimate Product award in Test & Measurement category because of its ability to be used as an I2C decoder just as easily as a digital voltmeter. As one reader explained, 'It's great that we are now seeing less expensive options that allow a computer to take the place of an oscilloscope, function generator and logic analyzer.'"

CWAV's mission is to be the leader for compact and affordable electronic test tools. Designed with personal computer resources in mind, students, engineers, technicians, and hobbyists currently use CWAV's products in a variety of industries throughout the world.

Software for the DX is provided online at www.usbee.com and runs in demonstration mode without a test pod attached to a PC. CWAV's products are available for purchase at www.usbee.com or from CWAV's international distributors. Detailed product specifications are available online or by request. Contact CWAV by electronic mail at info@usbee.com, or request a copy by calling (951) 693-3065.

Contact Name: Cathleen Calkins
Contact Phone: (951) 693-3065
Contact Email: info@usbee.com
Web Address: www.usbee.com

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