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Electronics Printing Platform increases ouput capacity.

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Apr 23, 2014 - Based on Horizon iX series, Gemini enables high-volume electronics manufacturers to increase output while ensuring accuracy, quality, and yield. This back-to-back (B2B) printing system, delivering modular processing on-demand, features GUI for usability, can manage 508 x 508 mm print area in industry standard frame, and produces as many as 300 boards/hr. Independent functionality allows one printer to continue running while managing product changeover on other.

DEK International GmbH - Zurich, CHE

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DEK Launches Gemini Platform at NEPCON China 2014

Press release date: Apr 09, 2014

Back-to-Back Print Configuration Designed to Double Productivity

From booth #B-1E20 at NEPCON China 2014, DEK will debut its latest print platform innovation:  Gemini.  The back-to-back (B2B) printing system delivers modular processing on-demand, enabling high-volume electronics manufacturers to dramatically increase output levels while ensuring exceptional accuracy, quality and yield.

Based on the proven Horizon iX series, Gemini provides a familiar graphical user interface (GUI) that requires no re-learning for current DEK customers.  The short learning curve allows for immediate leverage of Gemini’s powerful capability, producing as many as 300 boards per hour.  Gemini delivers this throughput rate without sacrificing anything, as the system is capable of managing a 508 mm x 508 mm print area in an industry standard frame, yet the footprint is far more compact than that of other B2B printers on the market.

“The demand for a highly-capable printing solution to support dual-lane pick and place processes is increasing – particularly for manufacture of mobile products,” says Karen Moore-Watts, DEK Global Marketing Director.  “Until now, space requirements, serviceability challenges and re-deployment issues have been problematic for side-by-side and back-to-back printing systems.  Gemini has resolved all of these challenges with a high-volume, small footprint, independently controlled B2B solution.”

Flexibility and convenience are at the heart of the Gemini platform, as each printer in the system has all key maintenance elements located at the front of the machine for quick and easy access.  What’s more, the printers in the Gemini system offer independent functionality, allowing one printer to continue running while managing product changeover on the other.  These features – in addition to its exceptional processing performance -- make Gemini the best market solution for B2B printing and all show delegates are invited to see a Gemini demonstration live in booth #B-1E20 at NEPCON China.

The development of next-generation printing products like Gemini is possible only because of DEK’s immense printing experience and broad knowledge base.  The expertise of the DEK team will also be highlighted at NEPCON China through the DEK Print Lab, a tangible compilation of DEK resources, expertise and knowhow, all available to help customers solve today’s printing challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.  Customers are invited to sit down with DEK technologists in one-on-one sessions to discuss individual manufacturing requirements and preparation for future electronics developments. To inquire about availability, please send an e-mail to

Show delegates can also learn more about DEK’s yield- and process control-enhancing process support products.  VectorGuard High Tension stencils, brand new understencil cleaning fabrics that provide exceptional fine-pitch cleaning capability and high performance understencil cleaning chemistries will all be demonstrated during the event. Combined with superbly-capable and flexible platforms, such as the Horizon 03iX which will also be on display, the company will demonstrate unparalleled value of ownership, process control and productivity gains through the use of DEK products.

“DEK’s display at NEPCON China shares our comprehensive printing offer – from the award-winning, proven Horizon iX platform to robust process support products to the latest in high-throughput B2B printing,” says Moore-Watts in summary.  “We understand the challenges facing our customers today and the manufacturing complexity they will confront in the future; DEK is already well-placed to deliver the solutions to meet those requirements.”

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