Electronic Torque Wrench prevents over-torquing.

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Accurate up to 2% clockwise and 4% counterclockwise, TECHWRENCH(TM) allows users to adjust settings by pressing one button. Unit has four separate operating buttons with one function each, which include on, up or down torque selection, and unit of measure. Unit has torque range of 5-100 lb-ft. and can be read in three different units of measure: in.-lb, ft-lb, and Nm. Ergonomic, non-slip handle vibrates and beeps to let technicians know when to stop pulling.

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New TECHWRENCH(TM) from Snap-On Tools Changes the Way Technicians Torque Fasteners

KENOSHA, Wis., March 31, 2003-With the introduction of TECHWRENCH(tm) (TECH2FR100), the new electronic torque wrench from Snap-on Tools Company, automotive technicians can quickly adjust settings with the press of a button. The affordable, rugged and easy-to-use tool is consistent and accurate up to two-percent clockwise and four-percent counterclockwise.

Using the TECHWRENCH, technicians can select the appropriate amount of torque needed for a full range of applications. Four separate operating buttons have one function each, which include on, up or down torque selection and the unit of measure.

Technicians can choose torque ranges between five- and 100-ft. lbs. and read in three different units of measure in lb., ft. lb. and Nm.

With the quick push of a button, an LED display indicates the amount of torque selected and the unit of measure used - a timesaving benefit for technicians. Upon applying the torque to a fastener, the TECHWRENCH's handle vibrates and emits a beep to let technicians know when to stop pulling. The unit then displays the actual torque achieved, which helps prevent over-torquing.

The TECHWRENCH features an ergonomic, non-slip handle that is designed to increase comfort and help improve productivity. A stand on the bottom of the unit stabilizes the wrench on flat surfaces to prevent the unit from rolling away. The rugged design of the TECHWRENCH allows it to withstand bumps and bruises, and also seals the electrical components to protect from water, shop fluid or dirt.

The TECHWRENCH operates on three AA batteries and automatically shuts off after remaining idle for two minutes. The LED display indicates when the unit's batteries are low. A protective storage case is included with the TECHWRENCH. Additional sizes and ranges of the product will be available soon.

Technicians and customers can find out more about the TECHWRENCH by contacting their local Snap-on representative, visiting www.snapon.com or calling 877-Snapon2 (877-762-7662).

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