Electronic Temperature Controllers meet UL approval.

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Housed in 2.95 x 1.30 x 2.52 in. enclosure with operating temperature of -40 to 2,012°F, Series 3699A and 3699B provide exact sensing and control of heating, cooling, and humidity. Units support Thermocouple, NTC thermistor, and external switch inputs, as well as selectable operation modes of ON/OFF, ON/OFF with defrost, Timer or PID, which enable user to fine-tune device to meet application. Output choices include SPST relay rated at 10 or 3 A or 12-24 Vdc for external SSR and buzzer alarm.

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Selco Introduces UL Approved Precision Electronic Temperature Controllers

Reno, NV – Selco Products has introduced a new series of precision Electronic Temperature Controllers that meet UL approval in both the US and Canada.  The 3699A and 3699B Series of enclosed controllers offer high-end electronic features to provide exact sensing and control of heating, cooling and humidity. Typical applications include cooling and heating controls for cooking equipment, refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers and HVAC equipment. 

The Electronic Temperature Controllers support a variety of different inputs including Thermocouple, NTC thermistor and external switch to provide a wide range of temperature sensing options.  These versatile options combined with selectable operation modes of ON/OFF, ON/OFF with defrost, Timer or PID, make it easy for the user to fine-tune the device to meet exact application requirements.  Other settable parameters include set-point, differential, actuator restrictions, alarms, and timers. 

Designed in a compact, easy-to-install enclosure (2.95”W x 1.30”H X 2.52”D) the new controllers support operating temperature ranges from -40 °F through 2012 °F.  The four digit LED segment display provides easy reading and configuring of thermostat settings while four push buttons for Mode/Menu, Select/Set, UP and Down allow easy navigation.  Other important performance characteristics include power input options of 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 12-24 VAC/VDC, and output choices of  SPST relay rated at 10 or 3Amps or 12-24 VDC for external SSR and buzzer alarm.

“With its UL rating, high accuracy and easy configurability, OEMs will find it an excellent choice for many new applications or for replacement in existing applications,” says Jon Skolmutch, Selco Electronic Controls Product Manager.  “Users can choose the 3699A if they need a high memory MCU for complex applications or the 3699B for cost-effective thermistor range applications.  And our Design Engineers can adapt either standard model to meet special customer requirements.”

For more details on Selco’s Electronic Temperature Controllers , click here  or contact Selco Products, 8780 Technology Way, Reno, NV  89521-5908;   Tel: (775)674-5100, Toll-Free: (800) 257-3526; E-mail: sales@selcoproducts.com; Web: www.selcoproducts.com;

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