Electronic RF Filters are designed for shielded enclosures.

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Mounted through outer wall of shielded enclosure, Series FCP power line penetration filters are RFI-secure and supplied with threaded nipple. Products are supplied with bleeder resistors to prevent shock hazards and can withstand 140% of rated current for 15 min without any deterioration. Providing specified insertion loss of 100 db min over indicated frequency range, series filters from 60-400 Hz with 100 db attenuation from 14 KHz to 10 GHz and 100 KHz to 10GHz.

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Electronic RF Filters for Shielded Enclosures

Fil-Coil's EMI/RFI filters are available with more than 25 years of design and manufacturing expertise. Quality EMI/RFI filters are provided fault-free to the electronics industry. A wide range of off-the-shelf noise interference filters are available. Fil-Coil announces a breakthrough in the Power Line penetration filters with the FCP filters available in four series.

This FCP series of Power Line penetration electronic filters can be mounted through the outer wall of a shielded enclosure. The filters are RFI secure and are supplied with threaded nipple. To prevent shock hazards, filters are supplied with bleeder resistors. Series FCP filters from 60 Hz to 400Hz with 100db attenuation from 14 KHz to 10 GHz, and 100KHz to 10GHz; measured per MIL-STD-220A full load. The filters shall be capable of withstanding 140% of rated current for 15 minutes without any deterioration. Plus the filters shall provide the specified insertion loss of 100db minimum over its indicated frequency range when measured in accordance with MIL-STD-220A.

Fil-Coil's EMI RFI filter range provides an off-the-shelf solution for the vast majority of electronic equipment noise problems. Our standard product range is particularly wide, embracing both chassis-mounting and PCB-mounting types, allowing users to select an optimal choice in both performance and cost efficiency terms. Our product line includes Power Line filters, RF Power Line penetration filters, RFI/EMI filters and tubular design filters from 40dB to 80dB.

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