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Diamond Precise(TM) Electronic Compact Reflector features screw-base socket and uses built-in electronics to convert from line voltage to 12 V. It delivers 13.8 lumens per watts, operates at 21 watts, and provides 5,000 hours of life. Reflector is suitable for retail, commercial, museum, and restaurant applications.

Original Press Release:

GE Lighting Launches Diamond Precise(TM) Electronic Compact Reflector

Revolutionary New Product Combines Low Voltage Performance With the Convenience of a Screw-Base Socket

CLEVELAND, OHIO - September, 2002 - When retailers and lighting designers look for a new solution for display lighting, the goal is to provide excellent color and quality of light...with the added benefit of energy efficiency and long life. Thanks to the engineers at GE Lighting, the new Diamond Precise(TM) Electronic Compact Reflector meets each of these industry needs, along with the convenience of a screw base socket.

"Diamond Precise was developed to offer the idea solution for compact reflectors used in retail, commercial, museum and restaurant applications," said Mark Wells, GE Lighting's Product Manager-Halogen. "Through it's tightly controlled beam optics, it can enhance accent lighting while saving energy costs compared to standard Halogen PAR20s, and provides twice the life. Best of all, it fits existing fixtures."

The Diamond Precise(TM) Electronic Compact Reflector combines the advantages of low voltage MR16 lighting and the convenience of a screw-base by using built-in electronics to convert from line voltage to 12 volts. The result is a product that provides better - and more accurate - beam control. Additionally, Diamond Precise delivers 13.8 lumens per watt (LPW) versus the incandescent 50-Watt R20 at 7.6 LPW and the 50-Watt PAR20 halogen at 11.4 LPW, representing a 55% increase in efficiency.

An ideal replacement for a number of existing lamps, including a 50-Watt PAR20 and 50-Watt R20, Diamond Precise operates at only 21-watts and provides at least double the life of its counterparts - delivering 5,000 hours of life compared to 2,500 hours previously. In addition, while the lumen output of the Diamond Precise is actually lower than standard lamps (260 lumens v. 500+ lumens), it delivers nearly the same number of lumens on the target. So the light is directed to where you need it, and provides significant energy savings over comparable halogen or incandescent reflectors.

GE's Diamond Precise Electronic Compact Reflector will be available through GE Lighting distributors. For more information regarding this product, or other products available through GE, please contact your local GE supplier; visit the company's Web Site at www.GELighting.com or call 1-800-GE-LAMPS.

One of the General Electric Company's major businesses (NYSE:GE), GE Lighting is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. A leader in lamp technology, manufacturing and marketing in the global lighting industry, GE Lighting has operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Today, the company manufactures approximately 7,000 various lamp products for commercial, industrial and consumer markets. www.GELighting.com.

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