Electronic Pressure Controller handles up to 3000 psig.

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Intended for static or low-flow applications of non-corrosive gases, EPR-3000 controls pressure within closed system or in applications with small constant flow rates and provides pilot signal for dome-loaded regulators in high-pressure applications. Design has dual proportional valve construction and does not bleed gas when at steady state pressure. While electronic control is available through digital or analog communications, manual control is accommodated via front keypad and pushbuttons.

Original Press Release:

EPR-3000 Offers Advantages for Electronic Pressure Control up to 3000 psig

Provides Pilot Signal for Dome-Loaded Regulators in High Pressure Applications

Fletcher, NC—This summer Equilibar introduced the EPR-3000 high pressure electronic controller, offering a significant advance in technology for electronic pressure control up to 3000 psig.

The EPR-3000 provides precise solutions for applications involving pressures above 1000 psig.  It accurately and efficiently controls pressure within a closed system or in applications with small constant flow rates.  The EPR-3000 does not bleed gas when at a steady state pressure, thus preventing the loss of expensive gases through unnecessary exhaust.

The EPR-3000 features dual proportional valve construction, with one solenoid valve functioning as the inlet to raise pressure and the second acting as the exhaust to decrease pressure by venting.  Using two proportional solenoid valves is key to the high resolution control achieved by the EPR-3000.  Electronic control is available through digital or analog communications.  Alternatively, manual control is achieved through the front keypad and push buttons.  The EPR-3000 is designed for static or low-flow applications of non-corrosive gases.

One key application of the EPR-3000 is to provide a high pressure pilot signal for dome-loaded regulators, making it possible to precisely control conditions even with highly varying process flow rates.

“The EPR-3000 offers advantages in terms of precision as well as convenience,” Equilibar engineer Tony Tang said. “We believe it will quickly become a popular choice, especially for research applications such as those involving catalyst reactors.”

For more information visit https://www.equilibar.com/high-pressure-electronic-controller/ or contact an Equilibar applications engineer at inquiry@equilibar.com .

For information, contact David Reed at davidreed@equilibar.com or 828-650-6590.

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