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Electronic Packaging Material is thermally conductive.

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Aug 23, 2012 - With nominal thermal conductivity of 1 W/mk, EPM1-2493 silicone thermal interface material offers bond lines as thin as 5 microns and is suited for use in electronic applications. This pourable, conformal liquid, with 1:1 mix ratio, can be used to adhere materials with differing coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE), reducing stress during thermal cycling. Adhesive strength can be improved via use of primer, achieving average lap shear values of 120 psi.

Original Press Release

Nusil Presents New Thermally Conductive Electronic Packaging Material

Press release date: Aug 02, 2012

New silicone thermal interface material increases options for thermal management in electronic applications.

Carpinteria, California - NuSil Technology LLC (, a global leader in silicone materials for the electronics and photonics industries, presents EPM1-2493, a low-viscosity, low modulus silicone elastomer with a nominal thermal conductivity of 1 W/mk.

Offering bond lines as thin as 5 microns, EPM1-2493 can be used to adhere materials with differing coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) for significant stress reduction during thermal cycling. A low volatility elastomer, EPM1-2493 can reduce or even prevent contamination of electronic device components used in applications exposed to high heat, such as solder reflow at 260°C. EPM1-2493 adheres well to aluminum, and its adhesive strength can be improved with the use of a primer, achieving average lap shear values of120 psi (0.8 MPa).

EPM1-2493 does not have the typical paste-like consistency of other thermally conductive silicones. Rather, it is a pourable, conformal liquid that is excellent for potting/filling recessed areas and applying to intricate geometries in electronic applications. It can also be used for adhering integrated circuit substrates, base plates or heat sinks, or where grooves or other configurations require a limited flow material.

"The conformal quality of EPM1-2493 enables it to work well with complex geometries and where thin bond lines are required for lower thermal resistance," said Senior Technologist Michelle Velderrain. "It can be used as an adhesive or coating in virtually any application requiring a thermally conductive, electrically insulative, self-leveling material."

For further ease of use, EPM1-2493 is supplied in a convenient 1:1 mix ratio and can be loaded into syringes and dispensed as a one-part material for automated dispensing. This elastomer cures at lower temperature but can be heat-accelerated for faster cure time.

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About NuSil Technology LLC NuSil is a leading formulator of silicone compounds for healthcare, aerospace, electronics and other applications requiring precise, predictable materials performance. ISO 9001-certified since 1994 and AS 9100-certified since 2008, NuSil operates state-of-the-art laboratories and processing facilities in North America and provides on-site, in-person application engineering support worldwide. More information about NuSil Technology LLC can be found at

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