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Electronic Offender Monitor features GSM 3G capability.

Press Release Summary:

May 16, 2014 - Via expanding GSM 3G networks, ReliAlert™ XC3 gives electronic offender monitoring programs optimized cellular range and clarity. Unit features battery operating times of 60+ hours under normal operation conditions, and case tamper alarm that immediately sends notification if wearer tries to breach or dismantle device. With little or no background distortion, live voice capabilities ensure clear communications between device wearer and monitoring center operators or supervising officers.

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Original Press Release

SecureAlert Introduces Enhanced ReliAlert(TM) Electronic Monitoring Device

Press release date: May 08, 2014

SANDY, Utah -- SecureAlert, Inc. (SCRA: OTC-US), a global tracking and electronic monitoring services company, announced today that its enhanced ReliAlert(TM) GPS electronic offender tracking device, the ReliAlert XC3,  has received FCC certification, opening the way for final deployment preparations and delivery to the US  marketplace beginning in July  2014.

The new ReliAlert XC3 device incorporates several developments and new features to maximize the effectiveness of electronic offender monitoring programs.

--  The ReliAlert XC3's GSM 3G capability gives electronic offender monitoring programs the benefit of improved cellular range and clarity via the nation's expanding GSM 3G networks.  Under many conditions, GSM 3G can also give customers better communication connections from inside cars, buildings and other structures.
--  The ReliAlert XC3 has increased battery operating times of 60 hours or more under normal operating conditions.
--  A new case tamper alarm immediately sends notification if wearers try to breach or dismantle the device.
--  A larger GPS antenna acquires GPS signals faster and with better accuracy, including when a device has moved out of signal range.
--  Higher-quality voice capabilities, with little or no background distortion, ensure clearer communications between the device wearer and monitoring center operators or supervising officers when using the ReliAlert's unique single-piece device live voice feature.  This technology helps enforce supervision terms within appropriate and legal parameters.

ReliAlert Beacon(TM)
The new ReliAlert XC3 device also integrates with SecureAlert's recently-released ReliAlert Beacon(TM) transmitter.  The Beacon is a battery-operated, short-range transmitting unit that provides a continuous Radio Frequency (RF) signal and automatically communicates with the ReliAlert device when the wearer comes within range.  Once within range, the ReliAlert device receives RF signals from the Beacon and communicates data to SecureAlert's TrackerPAL(TM) monitoring software.  When combined, the new ReliAlert and Beacon give agencies house arrest functionality in conjunction with GPS, resulting in more precisely-managed offender movement.

Superior cellular communications
In parallel with the ReliAlert XC3 launch, SecureAlert will offer tier one 3G cellular connectivity via the company's new Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), KORE, the world's largest wireless services provider specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.  The partnership empowers SecureAlert's U.S. customers with substantially wider and more reliable coverage for the implementation of their around-the-clock, often geographically disperse electronic monitoring programs.

TrackerPALMobile(TM) App
Released in early 2014, the full-featured TrackerPAL Mobile(TM) app offers real-time and historical location viewing, proximity identification and turn-by-turn directions to an offender's location on a smart phone or tablet.  SecureAlert's mobile app provides real time and historical offender location viewing, allows for the execution of key TrackerPAL software functions, and also has additional distinct functionality only applicable to mobile devices.  TrackerPAL Mobile provides users the same powerful, real-time and historical insights while on the road that they rely on while in their offices.

"The release of our ReliAlert XC3, the new ReliAlert Beacon and TrackerPAL Mobile app are significant milestones in SecureAlert's continued progress toward expanding the international electronic monitoring marketplace," said Keith Griffiths, SecureAlert Product Manager.  "Our new ReliAlert uniquely provides federal, state and local agencies the opportunity to leverage state of the art technology through a cost-effective and reliable electronic monitoring solution."

SecureAlert provides offender electronic monitoring solutions that combine sophisticated tracking technologies with around-the-clock monitoring and intervention capabilities. The company's patented offender monitoring technology with its many unique features integrates GPS, radio frequency (RF) and three-way interactive voice communications to create a single solution that can be deployed effectively and cost-efficiently almost anywhere in the world.

The company's electronic monitoring solutions meet the complex needs of law enforcement, corrections and rehabilitation organizations in support of any juvenile or adult defendant, offender or parolee program - offering each an accountable way to avoid incarceration while providing greater public safety for less cost than imprisonment or work-release supervision alternatives.   SecureAlert's steadily expanding prominence as emerging industry leader is underscored by the company's recent acquisition of Israel-based GPS Global (

SecureAlert company headquarters are located at 150 West Civic Center Drive, Suite 400, Sandy, Utah 84070.   To learn more, please call (801) 451-6141 or send an email to  Visit SecureAlert online at

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